Couples number one worry when it comes to their wedding photos is nailing the portraits. Most people don’t like having their photo taken. This is something we hear time and time again in consultations. Don’t panic – it’s normal to get a bit anxious about your wedding photos. They do last a lifetime. We have curated our 6 tips for getting the best wedding portraits to help ease any worry. It’s easier than you think to get amazing portraits which will look perfect in your wedding album.

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Shape Is Key

When having a portrait session Shane tries to keep things as natural as possible. One thing which couples always need direction with is their poses. What feels natural may not translate well on camera. This is where shape comes into play. To get the best looking photograph couples usually have to stand closer together than they naturally would. This creates a beautiful shape which translates well in pictures. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your hips are touching when stood together. Any gap between the lower half of your bodies will be distracting in the final image. Don’t be shy – you just got married after all!

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Loosen Up

It can be a natural reaction for some to clam up when a camera is pointed their way. Our advice is to take a breath, wiggle your arms a bit and let them fall naturally. There is a temptation to keep your arms stiff as a board. Taking that moment to relax makes the pose look more effortless.

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Have A Laugh

Couples who get the most out of their wedding portrait session are the ones who have a good time. Laughter and smiles create the most beautiful images. A smile has the ability to light up and transform someone’s face. Tell each other a little joke to keep the mood fun and light.

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Don’t Rush

When couples choose Shane Webber Photography we know they want the beautiful portraits which are a foundation of our photographic style. These do take time to create. We advise newlyweds to make sure they make the most of this time and don’t rush things. Wedding schedules often run behind and photography is one of the areas where the time gets made up. Remember that these portraits will last for generations – they are worth taking the time for.

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Get Away From It All

Wedding portraits are best captured away from prying eyes. Taking pictures in front of all of your guests can be awkward and embarrassing. No groom wants all his mates watching whilst he’s trying to have romantic photos taken with his new wife. It’s a recipe for a very short portrait session! Take the time to go a little out of the way and have some special moments together.

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Be Confident!

There is no reason to be self-conscious. Shane has photographed hundreds of couples from the most camera shy to total naturals. This is your portrait session and your moment to shine. Have a read through our reviews to be reassured that Shane will enable you to feel relaxed and comfortable on the day. 

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Looking For More Tips On Getting The Best Wedding Photos?

Keep up to date on our blog for loads of helpful wedding tips. We cover all sorts of useful topics from whether on not you need a second photographer to tips on creating the perfect outdoor wedding. We also have loads of real wedding inspiration. Check out one of our favourite Abbeywood Estate wedding showcasing stunning styling and beautiful photography.

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