Featured In The Top 50 UK Wedding Photographers Of 2019


1. Natural

Capturing natural, candid moments is what really excites me about wedding photography. Weddings are such a magical occasion and capturing the connections between you, your family and your friends is incredibly important to me. You will be surrounded by the most important people in your life at your wedding and I strive to capture the relationships between you and those people. I photograph the majority of a wedding in a natural documentary style; watching and observing everything that is happening around me and capturing the important moments as they happen without staging or settings things up. Your photographs will be real reflections of what actually happened and I want you to be able to look back at your wedding photos remembering how you felt at that particular moment in time. There will also be lots of things that you won’t see at your wedding; such as your family or friends crying during the ceremony, so I aim to capture a complete story of your day so that you can relive your wedding each time you look through the collection of images.

Natural wedding photo of bride walking down the aisleNatural photo of bridesmaids crying at wedding

2. Creative & Contemporary

Long gone are the days of boring, traditional wedding photos. I don’t want to tell everybody to “say cheese and look at the camera”. Yes I still take some family group photos, but this only takes approximately 15-30 minutes and then the rest of the wedding is captured in my unique and creative style. As a Fearless Photographers member – “a collection of the best wedding photographers in the world” – we all encourage each other to capture the best possible photos for our clients and continually push the boundaries of wedding photography. Good is never good enough… I am constantly striving to improve my work and to take the best photos possible at every single wedding. As a Manchester wedding photographer I contend with low light and bad weather a lot of the time, a creative approach to photography means I can always work beyond this. Being reactive to change around you is so important in wedding photography, it’s real life and often things don’t go to plan. A top wedding photographer will be at their best when things get challenging.

Creative wedding photography at Peckforton CastleContemporary wedding photography

3. Simple & Beautiful

Less is often more when it comes to wedding photography. You don’t need to book the best venue, wear the best dress, or plan the most ‘perfect’ wedding to get beautiful photos. People are the most important element to wedding photography and often my favourite photos are the ones that are unplanned or unexpected. I love clean and simple images that focus your attention on the most important element of the image without distracting backgrounds or unnecessary objects. A lot of my inspiration comes from magazines, advertising and branding. I have a strong interest in graphic design and my favourite logos are often the most simple ones that are sleek, contemporary and timeless. My work has been published in a number of wedding magazines and blogs, including numerous magazine front covers, because of the simplicity to my images. I’m also really particular when it comes to editing and I individually edit every single image in my unique style.

Beautiful wedding photographyBeautiful same sex wedding photography

4. Fun

I want you to enjoy your wedding from start to finish and photography should be included in that. Some wedding photographers have got a bad name for being bossy, annoying or demanding. I don’t want to be any of those – I just want you to have the best day possible and I’ll integrate the photographs into your schedule in a relaxed way so that you are never away from your guests for too long. Ideally, I like to get the family group photos done straight after the ceremony so that you can relax and get back to your champagne and canapés. Then I’ll do a short portrait session before the meal to capture some beautiful images of you and your partner, followed by another short portrait session in the evening; either at sunset or when it gets dark. This relaxed approach ensures that having your photo taken won’t feel like a chore and you’re never away from your guests for too long, plus I can then continue shooting natural photos without you noticing too. This is completely flexible of course. Remaining unobtrusive and relaxed is key to getting the best wedding photographs. I also get involved on the dance floor later on and my full day coverage includes lots of fun party photos!

Fun dancing wedding photoFun wedding group photo of bridal party

5. Bright & Colourful

Weddings are a happy occasion and I want your photographs to reflect that. My editing style is very bright and colourful which will make your images pop and look great in the album. I personally hate really moody or over-edited wedding photos, not to mention “arty” photos where the photographer tells the bride or groom to look serious. I am all about photographing smiles, happiness and love! Weddings are not sombre occasions, which is why I love bright and colourful photography. As a photographer there is nowhere to hide with a colour image. Shooting with a mind to keep the majority of my images in colour helps me be a better photographer and pushes me to use light to create beautiful images.

Colourful confetti wedding photoBright and colourful wedding photography

6. I Love Black & White Too…

Some images will always look better in black and white. Particularly photos of the wedding ceremony and of the speeches. When converting an image to black and white there are no colours to visually distract you from what is going on – you are just left with the raw image and this helps to focus your attention on what is really important; the story. Emotional images, such as laughter or tears, are especially powerful in black and white. As you will read below in point 10, I tailor my work based upon the couple and the type of wedding that I am photographing. Asian weddings, for example, are especially colourful and therefore I deliver the majority of images in colour. If a couple really loves black and white or the occasion suits this better, then I will deliver up to half of the photographs in black and white upon request. When a couple contacts me to book I always suggest a consultation where I can get a feel of what they are looking for. We can make 100% sure that we are both on the same page with the vision for the day.

Night time black and white wedding photoNatural black and white wedding photography

7. Attention To Detail

Sometimes, the less obvious picture actually makes the better image. Body language is a prime example and I pick up on this throughout a wedding day. This can be anything; from the way your Mum and Dad wipe away their tears with a tissue during the ceremony, or the silly looks you give your partner throughout the day. There are so many small details that all come together to play a big part in your wedding day and I aim to capture as many of these subtleties as possible.

Bridesmaid holding brides handDetail wedding photo of thank you card

8. Storytelling – In Context

Capturing images in context is particularly important when it comes to wedding photography. I aim to give you more than just ‘snap shots’ of your day by really thinking about what I am including within a photograph. Composing an image to include more than just the people in it gives context and meaning. I will often shoot wide using 24mm or 35mm lenses, combining people with objects and surroundings to tell the bigger picture. This approach works really well for couples who choose a wedding album. There is nothing quite like seeing your wedding story as a collection of images in print. It’s a fantastic way to relive the memories and see your day from a different perspective.

Crying nervous groom at weddingStorytelling wedding photographer Manchester

9. Relaxed

My style is really laid back as I mainly shoot natural photos and a lot of my best images are all about being in the right place at the right time to capture the moments. This comes with experience; knowing what to look out for on a wedding day and when the key moments happen. For example, most photographers just shoot the speeches and once they have finished they will walk off, however I carry on watching to see what happens next as often this is the point when you will hug your Dad, partner or best man to thank them for the amazing speech. Often the best photo is the moment after the obvious photo. The same applies when capturing the family group photos; your friends or family will pose for the picture and then afterwards one of them will make a joke or do something funny. This can be the picture that you love even more. Also, I tend to only use artificial light after the speeches when it gets dark so this means I won’t spend ages setting up complex lighting setups. I just shoot with two cameras and mainly two lenses… no carrying lots of camera gear or changing lenses all of the time which can mean missing crucial moments.

Relaxed wedding photography in ManchesterNatural and relaxed photo of bride

10. Tailored

Finally, a BIG part of my booking process is meeting couples and discussing what they want from their wedding photographs. Everyone is different. Photography is subjective and down to personal taste. Therefore I get the best images when I find out exactly what my clients want and tailor my approach to suit. I always shoot for my couples and don’t have a set structure of working. Some photographers can be very rigid in the way that they work, demanding a set amount of time for photographs, but I don’t believe in this. My number 1 priority is that you have a fantastic day and photography fits around that. I have a good day when the couple has a good day, whether I get 30 minutes for portraits or 10, enjoying the day comes first always. I take time to find out what’s really important to the couples that book me and I use this information on the day to watch out for those special moments or people. This could be an important friend from overseas that has travelled especially for your wedding, or a grandparent that means a lot to you.

Funny photo of child at weddingBride with her grandma

Thanks for reading about my style.

Hopefully my style and approach to wedding photography matches what you are looking for.

Wedding photography can vary, with so many different photographers and styles out there to chose from. If you have any further questions then please contact us.