She said yes! Buying ring and getting down on one knee was where your responsibility stopped, surely? Now it’s time to relax until the big day, right? Wrong. Unless you really want to spend the months before your wedding firmly in the doghouse. As experts in the industry we live and breathe weddings! Let our experience help guide you through this new experience. We have condensed our advice to grooms on their wedding day into 11 top tips!

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11 Tips For Grooms On Their Wedding Day

We have photographed hundreds of weddings across Manchester, the North West and the UK (as well as a few abroad) and know how stressful it can be for couples. We have picked up a few hints and tips along the way which will help you survive wedding planning! Here are our top 11 pieces of advice for grooms on their wedding day!

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Before The Wedding Day Advice

Getting married is consistently featured as one of the most stressful things you will do in your life. It’s no wonder that wedding planning can cause friction for happy couples. But there are a few things you can do to make sure the months leading up to the big day run smoothly. It’s not all about just turning up on the day. Your future bride needs help and support in the build up to the event. If you think all your responsibility starts on the day then you are getting it wrong from the get go! Get in the wedding state of mind as soon as your fiancée starts looking at setting a date.

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1) Don’t just say ‘yes’ 

While agreeing with your future wife is important, when you’re wedding planning sometimes ‘no’ is the answer. There is nothing more infuriating for a bride-to-be than her fiancé just blindly saying yes to everything she suggests. Having an opinion on even just a few key things (the venue, the food or the photos) will let her know that she’s got your support. Planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful and knowing you’re on board will be a weight off her mind. And you want to know something about your wedding before you get there, right?

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2) Be her shoulder to cry on

Have I mentioned that planning a wedding can be stressful? Your wife-to-be will probably have a hundred things running through her mind most of the time and it might be hard to keep up. It could be her control freak mum or a flaky bridesmaid causing her stress, there will always be something. Let her vent, give her a hug or just agree with her. Just make sure you don’t join in any family or friend bashing – now isn’t the time to share that you can’t stand Aunty Beryl either!