The recipe for the perfect party seems simple enough. Make sure everyone is fed, got a drink in hand and that the music is pumping. But we have all been to those events where things don’t really get going. Having photographed some incredible wedding receptions we know what it takes to bring the party up a notch. It’s easier than you would think to make your wedding reception amazing!

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Book a photo booth

One of the reasons that we love photo booths is their unique way of breaking the ice. Once the evening guests arrive and the day guests are on their fourth (or fifth!) glass of wine there is the need to pick up the atmosphere. Grabbing a silly prop and having a few photos is such a fun way of starting the evening. Take a look at our wedding photo booth hire service for some inspiration.

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Outdoor Entertainment

During the summer months the last thing couples and their guests want to do is head inside when the weather is still beautiful into the evening. Consider bringing your entertainment outdoors! Wedding singers are a great option as their set up is very portable. A band can’t up and move outside at the drop of a hat as it takes them a long time to set up. But a singer often just needs a microphone. Talk you to your wedding coordinator or planner before the event to see if this is possible at your venue.

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Let there be light

Lighting makes a huge difference to a space. Professional lighting isn’t a cheap option but trust us on this one! Not only will lighting experts be able to create a party atmosphere but they will also make the photos look amazing. Great quality professional lighting creates interesting colours for photographers to work with elevating both your pictures and the party! Browse our directory of wedding venues to get inspiration on how to add creative lighting to your reception room.

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Choose your DJ wisely

The wedding industry has a bad reputation for naff DJ’s. Nothing kills a party quicker than poor song selection. However there are some amazing wedding DJ’s that are renowned for getting the party started. Be clear about what music you are into and choose a supplier accordingly. We recommend Andy Murphy who consistently wins the award for Manchester’s best wedding DJ year after year.

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Get a band too

The best combination for an amazing wedding reception is hiring a DJ and a band. The band plays the start of the evening and the DJ will take the last couple of hours at the end. Couples often worry that really good bands will be difficult to find or out of budget. If you aren’t sure where to find the right band for you have a chat with the suppliers you have already booked. Our recommended suppliers page is a great place to start! Luckily we know the best bands in Manchester and the North West.

Six 15 events

Live Performers

If a traditional wedding band isn’t your cup of tea then try a live performer. Six15 Events have a large selection of saxophonists, percussion artists, violinists and more. You can mix and match performers based on your musical tastes. Not only do they provide music but also are part of the party too!

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Lead the way

It’s your wedding and everyone has to do as you say. Perhaps this approach is a little bridezilla but it’s effective! You have spent a fortune on creating the perfect atmosphere. Get out there and enjoy it! If you take to the floor all your mates will follow.

We hope you have found our tips for planning an amazing wedding reception useful. If you are looking for a wedding photographer then please browse our portfolio and contact us.

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