Wedding photography is one of the most important parts of a wedding day. For many couples, capturing formal family group photos is an essential part of their wedding album. Our award-winning photographers can help you get the perfect shots for your special day! When it comes to family group photos, planning ahead is key to ensuring that the photo session goes smoothly on your wedding day and captures all the important moments with friends and family members.

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When are the formal group photos captured? 

Group photos are a great way to capture all the important people at your wedding. Bear in mind that photographers will capture moments throughout the day rather than documenting each individual wedding guest. Therefore choosing your group photos is really important as it makes sure there is an image of those nearest and dearest to you during the wedding.

To make sure there is enough time to capture this important moment, we suggest having two hours allocated for the drinks reception. This allows for formal group photos, couples portraits, candid shots and detail shots of the reception venue.  

We understand that every wedding is unique and the photography requirements will vary, so we take pride in delivering a bespoke service to make sure all of your weddings wishes are fulfilled. If you have a large wedding party or multiple groups to photograph, it’s important to plan ahead so that your wedding photographer can get everything they need in the allocated time frame.

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What’s group photos should couples include in their list?

When it comes to capturing formal group photos on your wedding day, there are some essential shots that you don’t want to miss. 

Here is an example checklist of the most important formal group photos for weddings: 

1. Bride & Groom + Bride’s family 

2. Bride & Groom + Bride’s parents 

3. Bride & Groom + Groom’s family 

4. Bride & Groom + Groom’s parents 

5. Bride & Groom + Bridesmaids + Groomsmen 

6. Bride + Bridesmaids 

7. Groom + Groomsmen 

To ensure that you don’t miss capturing any of these essential formal group photos on your big day, it’s important to factor in how long they will take. As a guide, 5-10 group photos is a good amount for wedding photography. Generally, each group photo can take approximately 2-3 minutes, with additional time allocated if you would like a group photo of everybody present at your wedding. To capture this, allow 10-15 minutes for the photo to be taken. 

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Is a second photographer helpful?

Having two photographers at your wedding can be a great way to ensure that all the details of your special day are captured. With one photographer focusing on the main shots and another capturing candid moments, you’ll have a much more comprehensive view of your celebration in the final gallery. 

Choosing two photographers also makes it easier to gather guests for formal group photos. With two people on hand collecting guests, it’s much easier to get everyone together in one place and capture the perfect shot. Hiring second photographer is a great way to ensure that your wedding photography experience is both enjoyable and stress-free. With an extra pair of hands – you can rest assured that every moment of your special day is documented with care. 

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Formal group photo locations

For formal group photos, our team of photographers can assist in selecting the ideal location. Not only do we consider things like lighting and background, but also the space required for everyone to join the photo comfortably. We know couples have their own ideas, so if you have any special requests we are more than happy to accommodate them! With our extensive experience in wedding photography, we are experts in selecting the perfect spot to capture those special memories.  Let us do the work for you and select a location at your wedding venue where your group photos will look their best.

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What if it rains?

Rain on your wedding day doesn’t have to be a bad thing! If the forecast is calling for rain, don’t panic; there are still ways to get great formal photos. We will start by finding an alternative indoor space at the venue that can serve as a backdrop for group and family photos.  

We will also be on the lookout for breaks in the rain throughout the day so that we can go outside and capture more formal photos.  We understand that this might mean being flexible and taking the bulk of these photos after the meal, so we will work closely with you and your wedding planner or coordinator to make sure all your important group shots are taken. We always strive to capture beautiful and timeless images for our couples, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store. 

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Getting the best formal photos for your wedding album

A bit of planning ahead is essential to getting the best formal group photos for your final gallery. Make sure you have a clear list of all the people who need to be in the photos as well as an estimate of how long each session should take. This will help keep your wedding day running smoothly and make sure you get all the group photos you want. 

It’s also very handy to have an assistant or family member who knows everyone be available to assist your photographer with organising people for pictures. Wedding planners are also incredibly helpful when it comes to this part of the wedding day. Our list of best wedding planners in Manchester and Cheshire is a great place to start if you are looking for more hands on help for your wedding. 

Finally, if there are any special poses or locations you’d like to capture, let your photographer know ahead of time so they have time to plan for it. With the right preparation and planning, your wedding group photos will be beautiful and a lasting reminder of your special day.  

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