As a photographer it’s always incredibly satisfying to see your work published whether it’s in a magazine or a blog. However nothing will beat the feeling of having one of your images chosen for an award, or in this case two awards. Industry awarding body Masters Of Wedding Photography have chosen two of our favourite 2017 photos as winners in their UK competition.

Award winning photographer manchester

Award Winning Photography

Each of the images are very different and chosen for showcasing individual style. The judges at Masters Of Wedding Photography choose images exemplifying excellent use of composition and light as well as impact and emotion. The first image of Matt and Tony’s gay wedding in Manchester was taken just as they left the Town Hall after their ceremony. You can’t help but get a feel of the emotion of the day. Such a fun filled wedding and those smiles never left the couple’s faces. We were so pleased to have this image chosen for the award.

Masters of photography award

Sunset Portrait

Second is a portrait of Sally and Peter at their Wellbeing Farm wedding. This dreamy photo was captured during golden hour. Chosen for it’s use of natural light, these moments are hard to come by. Always keeping abreast of whats happening with the light is key to getting these beautiful photos. See more stunning sunset portraits in Shane’s wedding photography portfolio. Using available natural light is at the heart of Shane’s style.

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