There is a time and place for everything. This statement is true of most things including if you should have a second photographer or not. If you haven’t ever planned a wedding before it’s difficult to know what the right answer is. At Shane Webber Photography we offer second photographers and can advise on whether we think it makes sense for your wedding day or not. Here are a few things to consider if you are thinking about having a second photographer.

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Wedding Size

The most obvious consideration is the size of the wedding. A small gathering most likely won’t require a second photographer. If the wedding is really small it could be overkill and detract away from proceedings. Alternatively if the wedding is large a second hand will ensure moments aren’t missed. If you are having more than 150 guests we think you should consider booking a package with a second photographer.


If you choose to also have a videographer capturing your wedding a second photographer may be too much. Too many people moving around trying to get their shot can be very distracting. If you have two photographers as well as a video team make sure the wedding is large enough to accommodate them all.

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Lots Of Details

For weddings with lots of details and plenty going on a second photographer is suggested. Your lead photographer will be focused on getting all the most important photos and moments. The second photographer can be taking room and detail photos. Consider what entertainment you have and how much time in-between the ceremony and the meal. A shorter schedule can force your photographer to prioritise key shots. A second photographer takes this pressure off and you will have everything covered.

When it comes to choosing additional services we are on hand to help advise what makes the most sense for your wedding day. Let us know what plans you have for your wedding in your consultation and we will work out a plan suitable for your needs. Get in touch to book in a chat with us.

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