Cote How Wedding Photography

Cote How is a 5 star venue set in the heart of the Lake District. As an area famed for its natural beauty it’s bestowed with the most breathtaking backdrop for wedding photos. At Cote How there are so many wonderful locations for wedding photographers to utilise. From the secluded river to the thick woodland it doesn’t get much more picturesque. It’s easy to see why couples flock from all over the country to get married in this beautiful part of the world.


Starting off life and a humble farm in the 1500s Cote How has undergone quite a transformation. Now nestled in the idyllic countryside lies the quaint Elizabethan house. Cote How operates as a high-end exclusive use property for weddings and private events. Caroline, the owner of Cote How, also puts a huge emphasis on sustainability. Taking care of the environment and using locally sourced produce is a keen mission at the house. Making sure the area remains beautiful and tranquil is at the heart of what Caroline and the Cote How teams objective. This approach and dedication to service has won Cote How many accolades from the likes of Visit Britain, Cumbria Tourism and Green Tourism to name but a few.

Dramatic views

There aren’t many places in England where you can enjoy mountain views. At Cote How not only can guests look out to the mountain scene but also lakeside vistas. It really is the best of both worlds. We highly recommend taking a stroll around the grounds of Cote How with your wedding photographer. Shane will always have familiarised himself with the venues key features. Making the most of the space is so important. Imagine the stunning portraits that can be captured with the mountain view as a backdrop.

Cote How Wedding Photography

Aside from doing her bit for the environment and the local community Caroline has dedicated herself to providing excellent service. This is easy to see at a Cote How weddings. The property is offered on an exclusive use basis. Meaning that only one wedding takes place here at a time. Wedding photographers working in multi wedding venues have to make careful considerations as to not disturb other events. At Cote How this distraction isn’t an issue and the wedding photography is better as a result.

Rustic weddings

Recent years have shown a boom in the rustic wedding trend. More and more brides are shying away from grand estates and manors. Opting for a more laid back approach to their wedding venue and styling. Traditional British picnic-style decorations are incredibly popular and it’s easy to see why. No guest feels out of place at a rustic wedding. Stuffy traditions are cast aside, making way for a more personal approach to the wedding day. Shane loves photographing these types of weddings. Couples and their guests are relaxed and the setting more informal which shows in the wedding photos. Cote How is a fantastic choice of venue, formal enough but not stuffy. Shane’s natural wedding photography style is the perfect accompaniment.

Utilising natural light

At Shane Webber Photography we are dedicated to natural and contemporary style. Venues such as Cote How are the perfect complement to this approach to wedding photography. When choosing a photographer it’s important to understand their style and what it means for your wedding pictures. Shane’s favourite type of images are unposed for the most part and utilising natural light. Throughout the day he is constantly on the lookout for amazing light to photograph with. Some photographers rely on artificial lighting. As a rule it’s always better to be as natural as possible, use the light available. This approach may be more challenging but it’s worth it. Couples looking for a rustic and charming experience would love the laid-back style at Cote How. If you’re getting married at this stunning venue and seeking to book your wedding photography we would love to discuss your wedding with you.