Grantley Hall Wedding Photography

Our award-winning photography is the perfect complement to a Grantley Hall wedding. This Yorkshire based venue is the height of luxury. It really is a dream wedding venue! We love to take natural and bright photos for our couples and have been named one of the UK’s Top Wedding Photographers in 2020 & 2019! Utilising natural light to create stunning images is at the heart of what we do. Our photography is modern and contemporary. Below we showcase some of our favourite photos captured at Grantley Hall weddings.

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Grantley Hall wedding

“Grantley Hall is truly breathtaking. As luxury wedding photographers we absolutely love it here! Our bright and natural photography style is a perfect fit.”

Shane Webber Photography

Grantley Hall

Luxury Hotel In Yorkshire

From the first time we visited Grantley Hall we were blown away. The luxury hotel has been restored with great care and attention to detail. Everything about a stay at Grantley is luxurious. From the journey down the drive to the beautiful suites. There is every amenity imaginable on offer at this venue, perfect for brides and grooms who want nothing but the best. We recommend brides stay at Grantley Hall the day before their wedding and utilise the state of the art spa on site!  

Bridal Preparation Photos

Every wedding day starts with bridal preparation. We have put together our top tips for getting the best bridal preparation pictures. One of the pieces of advice we always share with the bride is to choose a tidy and clean place to get ready. This is so important for achieving the best photos. Starting your photographer off with a clean background will make taking the best pictures much easier. Brides lucky enough to get married at Grantley can use the incredible bridal suite in the morning. This room is utterly breathtaking. A must-have photo at the hall is taken from the mezzanine of the suite. The bride looks stunning in the beautiful curved space. It is a dream bridal preparation location! We recommend having a minimum of 30 minutes ready in your dress for photos before the ceremony. Make sure you factor in that your photographer will have to leave earlier than you to set up their cameras and any lighting. Our studio manager is on hand in the lead up to the big day to make sure enough time is allocated for photos.

Stunning Wedding Photos

At a venue as beautiful as Grantley Hall there are so many amazing places for wedding photos! With a venue of this size and grandeur we would really recommend couples hire a second photographer for the day. This allows you to really make the most of all the amazing photo locations. We love to capture couples portraits in the gardens to the front of the hall. The facade of the venue makes a really stunning backdrop. Also a short walk takes you to the amazing modern sculpture which makes for interesting wedding photo opportunities. The best way to showcase your wedding photos is in one of our bespoke Queensberry wedding albums.


Natural Light

One of the single most important aspects of wedding photography is light. We have mastered using natural light to create bright images. Often historic properties are lacking in natural light but Grantley Hall has been designed to allow as much light to flood in as possible. The bright and elegant interiors also help create an airy environment for photos. This is one of the many reasons why photos are so amazing at Grantley Hall!

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Portrait Locations

With a venue the size of Grantley Hall there are a wealth of locations to capture stunning portraits. Grantley is fantastic for weddings at any time of year. There are Japanese gardens, courtyards, waterside locations, beautifully landscaped areas and more! As experienced Grantley Hall wedding photographers we know the best locations throughout the property to capture the most beautiful couple photos. At Shane Webber Photography we love to capture bright and elegant wedding portraits for our couples. Newlyweds are spoilt for choice at Grantley Hall with amazing locations for their pictures! You can find more examples of our wedding photography portraits in our featured weddings and portfolio. If you are getting married at Grantley Hall get in touch to discuss your wedding photography.