Manchester Museum Wedding Photography

Having worked before at this amazing venue we can testify that Manchester Museum wedding photography is quirky, fun and memorable. This venue is effortlessly cool, and has so many unique elements to create a truly special day. From the buildings architecture to the interesting exhibits, this wedding venue is different from the rest.

Wedding photographers love the opportunity to shoot at different and exciting venues. More and more brides are looking for interesting and unique spaces to give their wedding day the edge. These spaces can often test a photographer as there is so much to see and do that you really need to make sure everything is planned out prior to the big day.

Advice from Shane: How to pick your perfect wedding photographer 

Venue visits

At Shane Webber Photography we think venue visits are important to making sure no moment is missed. We will always ensure to carry out a venue visit before the wedding to plan where to take the best photographs. Most of us know of the iconic photograph under the T-Rex skeleton at Manchester Museum, however there are so many other great places to go. A photographer could miss out on lots of amazing photo opportunities without proper planning. Often couples are strapped for time for their wedding portraits. A photographer with a clear plan should be able to nail these pictures in a short space of time.

The towering T-Rex

Yes we did say T-Rex! For those who don’t know Manchester Museum wedding photography is to include this fantastic feature! Behind the happy couple whilst they are securing their nuptials is the giant skeleton hanging from the ceiling. You can’t get more different than that!

Tradition meets quirky

Manchester Museum also has some traditional elements which work really well. The floor to ceiling stained glass windows are a fantastic place for portraits of the bride and the groom. There is also plenty of outdoor space to for group pictures of friends and family. It’s wise to keep in mind what kind of photos are important to you when meeting with your photographer. We advise seeing if your wedding photographer has captured pictures at your venue or somewhere similar before. Also, be sure to take a look at their work and albums.

Confetti moment

Always keep in mind that all important confetti moment when looking at venues. A bit of outdoor space is key. If you choose a venue with no outdoor space or if it’s winter and too chilly to go outside save the confetti for the first dance. We love to use confetti cannons to get some incredible wedding photography during this special moment.

Shelter from the rain

Venues with a wealth of indoor space are great for when the weather is a little more unpredictable. This is why the Manchester Museum features on our Top 10 Winter Wedding Venues, ranking all the way at number 2! Rain won’t spoil a Manchester Museum wedding: the dinosaurs aren’t afraid of a bit of drizzle!

Memorable photographs

We are so fond of Manchester Museum wedding photography that Claire and Keegan’s picture underneath the T-Rex features in our Best of 2016. This is a great venue if you are inviting kids. Watching children’s little faces looking at all the dinosaur models is really sweet. Plus it keeps them entertained when the grown ups want to let their hair down.

Make the most of the surroundings 

What strikes me about this venue is not only the the cool and quirky interior, but that the Museum is set inside a fantastic listed building. It’s a great mix of modern quirk and beautiful architecture. With close proximity to Manchester city centre there is also the opportunity to whisk the bride and groom off for some urban wedding photos. We really recommend making the most of the surroundings when it comes to your wedding pictures.

Experience is key

Working in a variety of different settings – be it indoors, outside, in the countryside or an urban environment, the fundamentals of photography remain unchanged. This is no different for Manchester Museum wedding photography. As always, the emphasis is on making the most of the light and letting moments happen. Shane’s wealth of experience working in different venues across the UK and abroad allows him to take stunning photographs even in difficult and low light conditions.