Thornbridge Hall Wedding Photography

Within 100 acres of iddlic parkland in the Peak District lies Thornbridge Hall. Grade II listed the country house carries with it a long history dating back as far as the 12 century. A fantastic example of a British historical estate. The feature which Thornbridge Hall is most proud of is the gardens. A wedding photographers dream, the gardens are expansive and incredibly well maintained. A short stroll anywhere around Thornbridge Hall one will stumble across beautiful locations for wedding photographs.

Large windows and natural light

Aside form the delightful gardens Thornbridge Hall has so much to offer. The carriage house is  wonderful place for the wedding breakfast. With huge floor to ceiling windows the room looks out onto the charming brick lined courtyard. Large windows are such an important feature for any room where important photos are taken. Photographing the speeches in dark rooms using harsh artificial lighting doesn’t produce the best images. An experienced photographer will be able to make low light situations work, but you still can’t beat natural light. At Thornbridge Hall there is plenty of light to make wedding photos amazing.

Wedding ceremonies in the Great Hall

Perhaps one of the most elegant rooms on offer at Thornbridge Hall is the Great Hall. A wonderful place for a ceremony or reception. The room is vast with high ceilings. A minstrel gallery gives wedding photographers a vantage point from which to take pictures. Couples choosing to have large weddings often hire a second photographer so that no moment is missed. This is perfect for wedding ceremonies in the Great Hall. Images of the bride descending the aisle from an aerial viewpoint as well as more traditional angles looks wonderful in a wedding album.

Natural wedding photos

Natural wedding photos are the perfect accompaniment to a wedding at Thornbridge Hall. The grand setting is a gorgeous background both indoors and outside. Weddings in the winter months are just as stunning as those in the summer. Each room inside the property has been beautifully curated for to reflect the glamour of times gone by. It would be difficult not to be enthralled by the romance and charm of the hall.

Underground bar

A modern twist which has been seamlessly incorporated to the country house is the underground bar. Sleek, modern and so much fun! Guests will be ready to party into the early hours. The bar stocks every possible tipple that could take a guests fancy. There is enough space for a DJ to set up and get the party started. Wedding photographers will often leave straight after the first dance and miss out on party pictures. With a background photographing the best parties in Ibiza, Shane loves taking photos of everyone having fun. We are proud to offer coverage from bridal preparation right into the evening party. No moment will be missed!

Photography in the Thornbridge gardens

Within the grounds of Thornbridge Hall there are 12 acres of gardens. Each garden has been given it’s own distinct theme and name. From the functional kitchen garden to the sensory scented terrace there are many beautiful areas to enjoy. When it comes to taking portraits of the couple wedding photographers are spoilt for choice with beautiful locations. Thornbridge Hall wedding photography benefits from the diversity of the gardens. From large ponds to trees in the orangey – there are so many different colours and textures to be used for wedding pictures.

Grand or small weddings

At Thornbridge Hall the team welcome large or small weddings. Whether the occasion is a grand affair with hundreds of guests or a much more intimate gathering there is an option. It’s also available for weddings throughout the year. During the winter months the gardens look beautiful in photos.