Wedding cakes have always been part of British tradition since Medieval times. The past was very far removed from the stunning creations we see today. In fact the cake would be thrown at the bride as a sign on fertility – not something I can imagine any of our brides wanting to happen! It wasn’t until the 18th century that the traditions we are now familiar with became popular. Looking over the course of history it’s interesting to see how convention is constantly evolving. Now brides have a lot of choice when it comes to their wedding cakes, some don’t even have cakes at all. Whether brides are traditional or more adventurous we have some amazing wedding cake ideas.

Bride and groom cutting luxury wedding cake

Luxury Wedding Cake Design

We love to see when couples really go all out with their wedding cake! This seven tier wedding cake is an absolute show stopper! On the day everyone could not stop talking about how stunning this luxury wedding cake was. Not only is it one of the most beautiful we have ever seen but it tasted fantastic too. This creation was made by the team at Hall Of Cakes. Their cake prices start at £895 but a cake this extravagant runs into the thousands. If you want to make a huge statement with your wedding then a luxury cake design is the perfect way to do it!

Luxury Hall Of Cakes wedding design

Elaborate Wedding Cake

At The Frostery in Lancashire, no cake idea is too elaborate. For this Peckforton Castle wedding, they created this amazing three-tier wedding cake. Ornate gold detailing made it a stunning centrepiece as well as a delicious evening treat!

The Frostery wedding cake

Three Tier Simplicity

This stunning three-tier cake from Champagne Cakes is simple and elegant with a rustic edge. When choosing a simple wedding cake including flowers really elevates the design. The bride had the cake dressed with Margaret Mason flowers and the table with the bridesmaid’s bouquets when they had finished using them.

three tier wedding cake at hoghton tower

Naked Cake

A baker will tell you there is nowhere to hide when it comes to a naked cake. Luckily the team at For Goodness Cake did an amazing job on this wedding cake. Who can resist light sponge adorned with summer fruits? These cakes might look less complicated but they are actually pretty difficult to create as there is no icing to cover any mistakes. If you prefer your cakes to be fresh tasting rather than covered in very sweet icing this is a great option. Plus naked cake designs work really well with rustic themed weddings.

Naked wedding cake

Wedding Pie

During the 17th century, the ‘Bride Pie’ was very popular. It has seen a resurgence in recent years. Many people just don’t like sweets and would rather have something savoury for their guests. It makes a lot of practical sense too. After one too many celebratory drinks a bit of pie is just what the doctor ordered! Couples can make their wedding pie part of a larger grazing table full of savoury delights. This amazing creation is from Higginsons of Grange.

Higginson wedding pie

Doughnut Cake

Perhaps the most unique wedding cake ideas we have ever seen was this amazing tower of doughnuts! I don’t think there is anyone who would complain about having a Krispy Creme doughnut! If the couple wants to do away with tradition completely they could have a doughnut wall set up for guests to enjoy. In our experience guests go mad for doughnut cakes, people love anything that’s a bit different at a wedding. If you like unusual wedding ideas check out our unique wedding ceremony tips below.

Krispy Creme wedding cake

Cake Table

This is a great option for the bride who wants it all! The talented team at The Dish That Ran Away With the Spoon create a cake table with a whole range of treats for guests to tuck into. This wedding cake idea is perfect for couples who like variety. Can’t choose between brownies, red velvet cake, carrot cake and cupcakes? Then don’t!

wedding cake table

Four Tier Wedding Cake

Expert bakers at Cheshire Wedding Cakes put together a beautiful four tier cake for Carrie & Marc’s wedding at Colshaw Hall. The most traditional wedding cake design would include three tiers. So if you want to go a little bit extra, or are having a bigger wedding then we suggest a four tier cake! You don’t have to go wild and start having a cake twice your size but you can still having something extra special!

White four tier wedding cake

Blue And Gold Cake

A lot of wedding cakes that we see are in pale and muted colours. We love when a couple goes against the grain and chooses bold colours for their wedding cake. The gold detailing really adds a touch of glamour to this chic cake. Adding real flowers to the cake is always a nice touch too. We recommend choosing darker cake colours for weddings in the autumn and winter months.

Navy blue and gold wedding cake

Classic Elegance

You can’t get much more elegant than this gorgeous cake from Stephanie and Will’s Abbeywood Estate Wedding. Three classic pale pink tiers with a ruffle effect. Cheshire Cakes really hit the mark with this stunning wedding cake. The wedding cake tied in nicely with the colour palette for the day. This is something to think about when designing your wedding cake. Make sure to convey your colour palette during your consultation.

Simple wedding cake

Treat Table

For those who like sweet treats but don’t like traditional sponge cake, why not have a treat table? Fill the table with all your favourite treats from brownies to flapjacks. It’s a great way to cater to lots of different tastes and make sure each guest has something they will love. We love anything that encourages grazing throughout the evening, a table is a great idea and guests can keep popping over to have a little nibble.


wedding treat table

Winter Wedding Cake

This winter wedding cake design is a really fun design for the festive season. Adorned with silver sprayed pinecones we loved how elegant the cake looked. At Christmas time a lot of the decor is quite garish and campy. This cake managed to be festive but in an elevated classic way. The design centres around a woodland scape, made to look snowy by the choice of white buttercream. The effect is natural, it’s such a clever way of giving a winter feel.

winter wedding cake with buttercream trees

Hand Painted

This stunning cake from Pink Cocoa featured beautiful hand-painted eucalyptus leaves to match the couples wedding invitations. Hand made sugar roses decorated the top of the wedding cake. If you want to go for a hand painted cake we recommend choosing a baker experienced with this kind of design. It’s a totally different skill set to making sugar flowers and needs someone with a really artistic flair for drawing.

Pink Cocoa wedding cake

White Wedding Cake

You don’t get much more simple and elegant than an all white wedding cake. A buttercream finish adds some texture to the cake design which makes it a bit more interesting than smooth icing would. More visual appeal can be added to the white cake by including real wedding flowers. It’s easy to get your florist to make a few extra flower decorations for your wedding cake. These are then assembled on site. We love the extra element the real flowers add to this beautiful cake.

white wedding cake

Autumn Wedding Cake Design

We love this unique wedding cake design! The bride’s flower choices were deep red tones which worked really well during the autumn months. The theme carried through to the cake design which tied everything together. Outside the cake was coated with Italian meringue and coloured to match the stunning flowers on top. The usual muted colours work really well for summer weddings but we like when bride’s choose to go with a more rich palette later in the year.

Autumnal wedding cake design ideas

Unusual Wedding Cake Design

Sometimes we will set up to photograph the cake cut and be really taken aback by our couples unique cake design! This KFC wedding cake was perhaps the most unusual we have ever photographed. We love all the detailing that went into this wedding cake. It really did look life like. Everything had been considered even the drink on the side! It might not be a cake that most couples would choose but the guests absolutely loved it. It was a talking point of the wedding day for sure!

unusual KFC wedding cake design

Small Wedding Cake

Couples on a budget don’t need to miss out on having a beautiful wedding cake on their big day. For micro weddings or where the budget is really tight we recommend choosing a small wedding cake. This cake was really beautiful as it had buttercream flowers hand piped on the top. A small cake doesn’t have to lack in decoration. The wedding was really intimate and this single tier cake was the perfect size for all the guest to have a slice.

Small wedding cake ideas

We hope you have got some ideas for your own wedding cake design, whether you are keeping with tradition or going completely out of the box. For more wedding cake ideas take a look at our Pinterest. Each of the suppliers on this list are amazing at what they do. Discover more luxury Manchester wedding suppliers, everything from DJ’s to wedding cars.

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