Using the latest photo editing software our professional editors are able to provide detailed and advanced editing options. This service is perfect for adding the final touches to your images. Our advanced editing service is often used for extra attention to those hero images that couples would like in their wedding album or displayed in their home.

Advanced editing services include:

• Stray hair removal
• Smoothing creases on clothing
• Removing blemishes
• Skin smoothing
• Object removal
• Person removal
• Removing fire exit signs*

*Simple sign removal is included with our wedding photography packages. More complex sign removal is classed as advanced editing.

Advanced editing examples

Stray Hair & Object Removal

Stray Hair Removal

Dress Adjustments

Dress Adjustments

King street townhouse editing

Object Removal

Object Removal

Arm Size Reduction

Object Removal

Person Removal

Object Removal

Advanced editing clothing adjustment Advanced wedding photography editing

Clothing Adjustment

Send Us Your Images

Sending us your images for advanced editing is quick and easy. Simply email the pictures to – or if you have a lot of pictures for editing then use an online file sharing service such as Dropbox or WeTransfer. Include instructions for each picture you would like editing and reference the image filename. For example:

IMG_1001 – Remove object in top left corner

IMG_1002 – Smooth creases in clothing

Once we have your images and description of the advanced editing work required we will be able to provide you with a bespoke quote for the work. It takes around 1-10 working days for the edits to be processed and delivered. Your will then receive an email from us with your advanced edited images.

Professional & Mobile Phone Pictures

Advanced editing is very popular with our wedding photography services but is also available to everyone. We can edit your wedding photos, holiday pictures, family photographs and much more. Both professional and mobile phone images are suitable for advanced editing. Once complete, the images will be returned to you in the same format.