Luxury Castle Weddings

Eastnor Castle is situated in the Herefordshire countryside at the foot of the Malvern Hills. This luxury castle has a wealth of opportunities for amazing wedding photography. Beyond the castle walls there is a beautiful deer park, arboretum and even a lake. Wherever photographs are taken at Eastnor the backdrop is stunning. Set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty the castle is a fairytale wedding venue. As a family run business their approach is friendly and attentive. Wedding guests will feel right at home here. From years of hard work and dedication the team have won much critical acclaim. Accolades have been bestowed upon the castle from TripAdvisor and the Heritage Awards to name but a few.

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Ceremonies at Eastnor

Knowing that everyone’s dream wedding is different the team at Eastnor Castle provide many options for wedding ceremonies. Such an emotional and significant part of the wedding day. It’s important to get the ceremony just right. If couples would like a traditional church wedding ceremony they suggest the local village church. The idyllic village of Eastnor is a stunning place for a traditional ceremony. The church looks stunning in wedding pictures. Couples who wish to have a less traditional ceremony are also welcome at Eastnor. Our favourite ceremonies are held outdoors. An outdoor ceremony presents the most gorgeous setting for wedding pictures. Some of the best photographs from the day are captured during the ceremony when emotions are at their highest. Quality of light is always better outside. Wedding photographers love to capture the ceremony outdoors at Eastnor Castle. The setting is simply beautiful.

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Opulent interiors

Another option for engaged couples is a humanist ceremony. Any room of the castle can be chosen or outdoors if weather permits. The team at Eastnor Castle are incredibly flexible and allow couples to choose whatever works best for them. When deciding upon the venue couples are invited to share their vision of the day and the team work tirelessly to achieve their dream. A fantastic indoor spot for the ceremony is the gothic drawing room. Designed by famed architect Augustus Pugin the room is incredibly opulent. Large windows look out over the lake and let natural light flood the room. Fantastic for photos of the wedding ceremony.

Dream weddings at Eastnor Castle 

When it comes to the evening reception there are many options. Eastnor Castle pride themselves on creating couples dream wedding whether that is a small and intimate gathering or a large affair. Large weddings can utilise the marquee which holds up to 600 guests. Set up on the terrace the marquee is just as grand as the castle itself. Smaller weddings can be held entirely inside the castle walls. When it comes to wedding photography Eastnor Castle is one of the best castle venues in the UK. There are so many opportunities for stunning images to be taken at every turn. The grounds are huge and the couple has access to everything within. Majestic Red Deer roam the 300 acre parkland. Water glistens off the stunning lake. We recommend with a venue of this magnitude to plan wedding photography carefully into the day. Around 15 – 30 minutes is required to capture portraits of the couple. More time may be beneficial if the newlyweds want to venture further into the castle grounds. Our luxury wedding photography is always planned in advanced. We will have locations in mind for photos during the day. Our wedding photography is natural and unobtrusive. It’s key to let the wedding flow as naturally as possible to capture the story of the day.

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Staying at the castle

Aside from being a beautiful place to get married Eastnor Castle is also a fantastic place to stay. The castle boasts 12 bedrooms each decorated in their own unique style. The accommodations at the castle have even won critical acclaim boasting the title of Hudson Heritage Best Accommodation in 2015. Bridal preparation is usually held in one of the spectacular bedrooms. Having a luxurious setting for bridal preparation makes for beautiful photography. So many wonderful moments are captured during bridal preparation. At Eastnor Castle wedding photography is superb from the first photo to the last.

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Exclusive use

Eastor Castle operates on an exclusive use basis. Often with hotels or other large venues there are a number of weddings and events happening on any given day. At Eastnor they recognise that the fairytale dream can only be realised one wedding at a time. This dedication to making every wedding the absolute priority is amazing. An exclusive use venue enhances wedding photography too. Photographers have the freedom to move around the venue without restrictions. Often pictures need to be taken from a window or far away from the scene. With no other weddings or events to worry about the photographs will be at their best.

Extensive grounds

At the castle there are 5000 acres of grounds to be explored. As such there are many places to capture stunning portraits of the couple. Eastnor Castle wedding photography can be taken at a number of picturesque locations. As there is so much choice at Eastnor a venue visit prior to the big day is key. Experienced photographers ensure they are brimming with ideas for photographs. There are so many elements that can change on the day. For instance, the weather, how long the couple wants to dedicate to photos and delayed schedules. Having lots of options available for photography ensures the couple receive the pictures they imagined even if things get a bit tricky. Luckily for your photographer there is so much choice at Eastnor Castle. Engaged couples looking for the best of the best flock to Eastnor for their dream wedding. It’s easy to see why the award-winning venue has become so popular. Attention to detail and impeccable service characterise the spirit of the castle. When it comes to wedding photographs couples would struggle to find a more luxurious castle venue.

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