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Iscoyd Park Wedding Photography

Iscoyd Park is a stunning country house which sits on the borders of North Wales, Shropshire and Cheshire. As one of the most esteemed venues in the area, Iscoyd Park has won much acclaim. Wedding photography at Iscoyd Park reflects the stunning scenery and sumptuous interiors. It would be difficult to find venue more luxurious.

Family run Iscoyd Park prides itself on maintaining a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in spite of its magnitude. The team pull this off so well, this relaxed nature is reflected in the wedding photography captured here. Iscoyd Park hosts weddings, events and parties seamlessly year round.

Spacious and elegant

With accommodations to hold 30 guests, Iscoyd Park is a spacious and elegant place for you and your guests to stay. The whole bridal party can be accommodated overnight. This exclusive use venue acts as a home away from home – and a very glamorous one at that. Exclusivity ensures that your Iscoyd Park wedding photography will be unique and personal.

Stunning bridal preparation photos

For bridal preparation, the bridal suite is the place to be. Some of the most amazing moments of the day are captured during the preparation. Many brides will overlook this and feel they don’t need to book their photographer to capture it. Shane offers full day coverage as standard to make sure no part of the day is missed. After years of photographing these moments, Shane recognises it as a significant part of the story of the day. At Iscoyd Park, the luxurious and spacious suite is the perfect place to get stunning bridal preparation photos.

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Unforgettable photography

Iscoyd Park has a number of fabulous wedding ceremony options. Civil ceremonies can be held in the Garden Room. This is a photographers dream due to the huge windows looking onto the garden. Large windows let natural light flood in, sure to make photography of the ceremony at Iscoyd Park truly unforgettable. For more intimate ceremonies the Drawing Room offers charming character and a nod to the history of the house. The interior has stunning original features like the marble fireplace, wooden flooring and Georgian windows.

Traditional church weddings

Couples who wish to have a traditional church ceremony can do so also. The church is a 5 minute drive from Iscoyd Park, sat on the edge of the estate surrounded by unspoilt countryside. Wedding photography at the church is just as stunning as at Iscoyd Park. The stained glass windows allow plenty of natural light. The space can accommodate up to 150 people.

Beautifully curated interiors

Receptions can be held in a number of locations too. The Drawing Room is very popular due to the homely feel. Furnished with antiques and historic paintings, it’s sure to give any wedding day a grand feel. The beautifully curated interiors will have guests reaching for their camera’s as well as the wedding photographer!

Marquee wedding

Iscoyd Park also benefits from a permanent marquee. This is connected directly to the main house.   The marquee is just as luxurious as the rest of the property. Fitted with crystal chandeliers and LED backlighting, this space is filled with romantic ambience. It’s also fantastic for winter weddings at Iscoyd Park as it is fully heated. Couples who want both a stunning country house and a marquee are in luck.

Iscoyd Park gardens

The outside of the property is bestowed with immaculate gardens. The gardens at Iscoyd Park have recently been redesigned by award winning garden designers Michael Balston and Xa Tollemach. Formal gardens are mixed with informal spaces and the effect is amazing. One of the most poignant features is the pond which reflects the house like a mirror.

So much thought and attention had been put into he gardens to create fun spaces for guests as well as beautiful spaces for stunning wedding photography. The owners of Iscoyd Park have carefully considered wedding photography in the design of their garden. All of the painstaking work that has been undertaken contributes to the wedding portraits photographers are able to achieve at Iscoyd Park. Wedding photography at this venue is second to none.

Critical acclaim

This venue has won much critical acclaim in recent years. Boasting features in respected publications such as the Telegraph and Sunday Times. Part of the appeal at the Iscoyd Park is it’s ability to hold a party. With creative use of lighting, each of the reception spaces can be transformed into a club like atmosphere. They pride themselves too on the quality of their bar at the evening reception. With a variety of beers on tap and bespoke cocktails, Iscoyd Park sure knows how to party.

Party photos

Capturing the party at weddings is something Shane is very passionate about. From photographing the best parties in Ibiza Shane fell in love with photography. This has translated into his wedding photography. At the evening reception he is not afraid to get out on the dance floor and get involved. As standard we include full coverage of the day, from bridal preparation to the party. No moment of your Iscoyd Park wedding will be missed.

Amazing wedding photography at Iscoyd Park

Capturing Iscoyd Park wedding photography that’s amazing is par for the course. The combination of elegant architecture and impeccable garden design mean that rain or shine photographers can capture stunning images. Iscoyd Park is truly a year round venue perfect for summer and winter weddings alike. For those couples lucky enough to get married around Christmas time they get the benefit of all the wonderful decorations put up by the Iscoyd Park team. This is a wonderful time of year to take wedding photos.