Merrydale Manor Wedding Photography

Merrydale Manor is a stunning exclusive use Cheshire wedding venue. Set within acres of rolling countryside there are so many opportunities to capture beautiful wedding photos at Merrydale Manor. This brand new venue is the epitome of style, class and luxury. Brought to you by the owners of the esteemed Colshaw Hall the new addition has been incredibly popular already. The couple can feel like the Lord and Lady of their very own Manor for their special day!

The owners have had a lot of experience creating an exclusive and prestigious venue with Colshaw Hall. Now they have expanded the family to include Merrydale Manor which also caters to the luxury wedding market. This new and exclusive venue offers amazing opportunities for photography. Merrydale Manor wedding photography is best when the beauty of the setting shines through. Accompanying the gorgeous Manor house are stunning grounds and even a lake – a beautiful spot for couples portraits.

A jewel in the heart of Cheshire

Shane has been lucky enough to photograph amazing weddings at Merrydale Manor’s sister venue and expectations are just a high for it’s successor. Merrydale Manor has been one of the most talked about venues in 2017! Guests can expect to have the VIP treatment with the whole estate to themselves on their special day. We love exclusive use venues and how much freedom they allow photographers. Nothing worse than worrying about bumping into another bride on your wedding day! Merrydale Manor have put this into consideration and are dedicated to one wedding at a time. Ensuring the highest level of service for each and every wedding day.

Merrydale Manor Summer Wedding

Natural photography

The natural style of wedding photography that Shane loves to shoot is the perfect accompaniment to a beautiful countryside venue. This style allows the natural moments to happen and the story of your day to be told through your beautiful photographs.

For Merrydale Manor weddings, natural and clean images will hold the memories of the bride and groom’s special day for generations to come.

Some of the best images are taken when the photographer is nowhere to be seen! It’s important to let guests enjoy the day and capture natural moments. Most couples don’t like to have their photo taken, a relaxed approach helps put everyone at ease.

See more about Shane’s natural style.

Weddings at Merrydale Manor in Cheshire

Pre planning – visit to Merrydale Manor

During the day Shane will take his clients to handpicked locations around the venue to get the best pictures of the happy couple. Shane will scope out the best spots to take photos and have a loose plan in place.

Pre planning not only makes the most of the manor but also allows your photographer to pre plan where to go if the weather is bad. Rain won’t stop a seasoned photographer from delivering you gorgeous images.

Preparation is so important. Photographers have to respond to a variety of changes in light levels and weather. Therefore, being familiar with the venue and the best places to go is key to getting the best photos.

Advice from Shane: How to pick a wedding photographer

Stunning portraits

One of the key aspects of Merrydale Manor wedding photography is to get gorgeous portraits of the newlyweds. Venues like Merrydale Manor which have extensive grounds are the perfect backdrop to capture these stunning images.

Take a look at Shane’s portfolio for some of our favourite shots.

Exclusive Cheshire venue

Exclusivity and privacy are whats on offer at Merrydale. The married couple get their own Cheshire retreat, as the whole venue is for you and your guests. Venues where you are the only guests are becoming increasingly popular in Cheshire as friends and family can feel like VIP’s for the day.

For your photographer, having Merrydale Manor to yourselves is an absolute dream. It allows the freedom to go wherever the best photography opportunities are without restrictions. Sometimes as a Merrydale Manor wedding photographer you find yourself having to run inside to get to a balcony or run down to the end of the garden. Having the whole venue gives ultimate freedom.

Clients and guests often don’t realise some of the lenses we use don’t zoom in and out, taking the best shots requires physically moving where you want the picture to be. Certainly keeps us photographers fit and healthy!

Getting married in Cheshire?

If you have a wedding planned at Merrydale Manor, or any of the surrounding wedding venues,  we would love to hear from you! Contact us for a brochure.