At Shane Webber Photography we are dog lovers. Our office dog Pudding rules the roost around here. You can see our naughty pooch in our about page. We’re sure our couples four-legged friends don’t want to miss out on their humans special day! Choosing to include your fur baby in your wedding is not without its trials and tribulations. We have some amazing ways to include your dog in your wedding!

include your dog in your wedding

Bridal Preparation

Getting ready at your home? Ask your photographer to take a few portraits with your dog. Take the opportunity to get as many amazing professional photos as possible. Shane loves dogs and a chance to go out in the garden for a few shots is welcomed. Plus your pooch will feel included in the proceedings without the stress of worrying about what to do with them all day. Read our tips on getting the best bridal preparation photos.

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Dog Of Honour 

A dog takes their role very seriously! As long as your church or venue permits, adding the family dog to the wedding ceremony is so adorable. Why not dress your pup in some suitable attire? A neckerchief is a nice way of dressing up without making them uncomfortable. You can get some great handmade items on Etsy. As well as looking the part dogs can also have useful jobs like ring bearer. However, we only recommend this for well-behaved dogs!

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Cake Topper

Got a nervous dog? Don’t worry about bringing along your dog if they won’t enjoy it. There are other ways to include them in the day. Cake toppers are often used to express couples unique personalities. Choosing a cake topper which features your dog is a really cute way of including them without any pressure of them or yourselves. Guests love wedding decorations that showcase part of the couple’s personality. If you are a dog lover don’t be afraid to include them in the wedding decor.

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Invite Your Dog To Your Pre Shoot

Often couples will book Shane for a pre shoot prior to their wedding day. This is a fantastic way to get beautiful professional photos of you as a couple and your beloved pet. We usually conduct pre shoots in and around the Cheshire countryside – perfect for a nice dog walk! This will also get your dog used to behaving when there is a photographer around and hopefully get them used to having their photo taken. You can find all our package upgrade options for our Manchester wedding photography prices.

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Think Practically

If you do choose to include your dog in your wedding make sure to think practically. Designate a family member to mind them or even better hire a dog handler. Dogs will likely get tired very quickly because there are so many people and a lot of excitement. Talk to your wedding planner about how to include your dog in the wedding. They will be able to help figure out a sensible plan.

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