Shane Webber Photography is a specialist photographer for Iranian and Persian weddings. Shane is based in Manchester but is available to travel throughout the UK and abroad.

Iranian weddings are a real joy to photograph. Bursting full of energy, there are so many cultural elements to capture at these large scale events. Persian weddings and customs are incredibly fascinating. As a wedding photographer, there is nothing better than an action packed wedding as this results in amazing natural images. Iranian bride’s often select a sophisticated wedding dress for a luxury look. The details are always of the highest quality too; Persian bride’s love jewellery and they are usually presented with a number of gifts throughout the Sofreh Aghd (a traditional Iranian ceremony).

Iranian and UK Fusion Weddings

Shane Webber Photography often photographs cultural fusion weddings too. As a Manchester based UK wedding photographer, the majority of my clients live in England and therefore want to combine cultures. Commonly, marriages will take place in the English language initially, followed by an Iranian ceremony later on during the reception which helps to accommodate all guests. Iranian and UK fusion weddings are all about the joining of families and this makes incredible pictures with sincere moments.

Iranian and UK fusion weddings always end with a great party too! The knife dance is a popular event for the evening. A knife is held by the bride’s friends as they perform a dance for guests to watch. This makes for some great comedy moments and gets everybody smiling.

Iranian Wedding Photography at the Manchester Town Hall

As a recommended wedding photographer at the Manchester Town Hall, I’ll usually work the Iranian and Persian events here. After the Sofreh Aghd, wedding celebrations will often continue for a number of days afterwards. Traditional family feasts can extend up to a week after the marriage. As a photographer this provides great opportunities to capture more than just one day of the wedding.

Alaleh and Joseph decided to get married at the Manchester Town Hall and I was lucky enough to be their photographer. Because Alaleh loved my natural and colourful style so much, she booked me straight away after confirming her wedding date. The best Manchester wedding photographers get booked up 1-2 years in advance. Therefore Alaleh and Joseph were wise enough to do their research early on as the photographs were incredibly important to them. It’s always nice when engaged couples book you as their photographer at such an early stage. Being the preferred supplier at the Manchester Town Hall is a bonus too! The town hall is one of Manchester’s finest venues so it is a pleasure to be involved with the weddings here. Alaleh and Joseph loved the architecture at the Manchester Town Hall. As they also lived in the city centre, it was a logical decision to host their Iranian wedding ceremony here. With the sun shining and every detail carefully planned to perfection, this wedding made some amazing photographs. My favourite image has to be Joseph’s reaction to seeing Alaleh for the first time. Everybody is smiling and photographing natural reactions like is the highlight of my work.

Persian Wedding Photographer UK

Persian Wedding Sofreh Aghd 

The most important part of Iranian and Persian weddings is the Sofreh Aghd. This spread is laid out on the floor facing East in the direction of sunrise. At the top of the Sofreh Aghd is a mirror. A popular wedding photograph is of the bride and grooms reflection in the mirror. Made from luxury fabrics such as cashmere, the spread is an eye-catching centre piece. So many different elements are placed on the Sofreh and this requires hours of planning. My advice would be to contact an Iranian wedding planner to host the event. An experience wedding planner can really make the day.

Facing towards the light, the Sofreh Aghd looks magnificent. Traditionally the bridesmaids will enter the room first as guests stand. With the veil over her head, the bride then makes her entrance and takes a seat. During the Iranian ceremony, a white canopy is held over the bride and groom as they make their vows. Immediate family members take turns grinding two sugar cones towards the end of the ceremony. The Sofreh Aghd consists of the following items.

Mirror and candelabras

Specially baked and decorated flatbread

A basket of nuts and decorated eggs

Crystallised sugar bowl

Gold coins

Fruit basket (often pomegranates and/or apples)

A tray of spices

Esfand (incent)

White canopy to be held above the bride and groom


Golab (rosewater)

Significance book / Holy book


Photographing Iranian culture

Photographing Iranian culture really is magical. Being a Manchester based wedding photographer, it’s rare to experience such heart-felt emotion at UK weddings so Iranian traditions are really important to me. Photography is so powerful as moments are recorded in a split second. I know that my Iranian wedding photographs will mean so much to the bride, groom and their parents. Some Iranian wedding photographers really feel the pressure and worry about missing parts, but I absolutely love the buzz and will always give 110%.

As a Manchester based photographer, if you are having an Iranian wedding then please do get in touch. You can view my portfolio or browse the featured weddings on my site.

It’s so important to book a photographer that specialises in capturing Iranian and Persian weddings. Experience of Iranian weddings is crucial as there are so many unique elements to photograph. My full day package has no time restrictions which is perfect for these long and intense events. Shane Webber Photography also offers coverage for weddings that extend over multiple days. Below you can see some of my favourite photos from Iranian and Persian weddings.

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