Weddings are a complete whirlwind. Years in the planning and then it all happens in one day. This is part of the joy of a wedding but it does mean some things get forgotten along the way. Having been to hundreds of weddings over the years we have picked up on a few practical tips to help our brides along the way! Making sure the day runs smoothly and hopefully to time will only help you get the best wedding photos too.

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Practice wearing your dress

This does sound a bit silly we’ll admit. However practicing wearing your dress can save time and stress on the day. You do not want the first time you put on that complicated lace backed dress to be the day of the wedding. Some dresses take numerous people and a lot of time to get into. Getting into the dress too late could set the whole schedule behind time. You’ll also feel more confident having worn your dress a number of times previously. Practice makes perfect!

Prepare your footwear

Brides love natural photos in green spaces and we do too. Taking a stroll in a field or through the grounds of a stately home is a big part of getting the most beautiful couples portraits. One fantastic tip is to prepare your footwear. Britain is not blessed with amazing weather so often the ground is a little soft. Asking your maid of honour to slip some heel stoppers in her bag for you could save those gorgeous wedding shoes. There is nothing worse from a photography point of view than a bride who misses out on beautiful photos because she’s scared to ruin her shoes. A bit of preparation can go a long way.

Wedding stationary

Bring your wedding stationary

If you don’t bring your beautiful wedding invitations along to bridal preparation you are missing a trick. Detail shots of the rings incorporating wedding stationary is such a good look. Not only is it nice to remember the invites you spent hours choosing but it also adds context to the ring photos. Making these images more personal really elevates the photographs.

Don’t forget your wedding bands

Tradition has the best man looking after the all important wedding bands. But, if you want photos of these they need to be accessible to the photographer. If the photographer is with you that’s where the bands need to be. Your engagement ring looks best when photographed alongside the wedding bands. Sounds simple but in the hustle and bustle of the morning many brides forget all about them.

Lastly and most importantly, have fun! Getting caught up in the minutiae isn’t going to be a good time. Your wedding planner or coordinator can worry about making sure everything else runs smoothly. When it comes to wedding photos everyone looks best wearing a smile.

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