In this day and age, your phone can do pretty much everything for you – even help plan your wedding! With the whole wide world sitting there in your pocket you can be pretty sure that someone has created a useful tool for wedding planning in an easy to use app. There is an app for everything from inspiration to seating planning. We have collated a list of our favourite useful wedding apps to help kickstart your planning today!

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Perfect Pins

The first thing to do when wedding planning is to get some inspiration (it should probably be plan your budget but we want to do the fun stuff first!). Pinterest is a powerhouse for providing inspo. Its interface is familiar and easy to use and you can save all of your findings for later. Create a few mood boards with different stylings and then figure out which is your favourite. 

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Modern RSVP

Appy Couple has loads of wedding related services from wedding websites to personalised apps. Our favourite feature is the guest list manager. This is a fantastic way to collect all our RSVP’s in one easy to find place. You can send electronic invites or still go for the traditional wedding stationary route and just use the app to store information. 

Constellations livepool

Table Planning

You may not have thought you needed an app for seating arrangements but trust us on this one! Seatplanner stores all the information on who you want to be sat where and it’s so easy to change if needed. Plus you can create a PDF copy to give to your wedding planner. 

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Photo Sharing

Before your professional wedding photos are ready there will be loads of guest snaps to look at. WedPics provides the perfect way to share these images with everyone. Invite your guests to the app and they will upload their photos from the day. After the wedding, everyone can share and enjoy the pictures. 

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