Peckforton Castle Wedding Photography

Wedding photography at Peckforton Castle is spectacular due to its dramatic architecture. It would be hard to find a wedding venue in Cheshire that is more established than Peckforton Castle. This venue takes the top spot for grand and luxurious places to tie the knot. You may already be familiar with Peckforton Castle from the television show Real Housewives of Cheshire, where it features for many of the ladies events. Not only is this a favourite destination for Cheshire’s elite, people have been flocking here to get married in its stunning setting for years. We’ve photographed a lot of weddings at this magnificent castle and know all of the best picture locations. Booking an experienced photographer for your wedding is so important – especially at Peckforton due to the difficult lighting conditions. View a selection of our best images below.

Emotional wedding photography

“Shane has won multiple awards for his photography and rightly so, he is fabulous at what he does. He was extremely discrete during the day and captured amazing images of us, our dog and friends and family.”

Laura – Peckforton Castle Bride

Peckforton Castle wedding portrait

Stunning portraits

When presented with a wedding at Peckforton Castle photographers are awash with ideas and excitement. There are so many places to capture stunning portraits of the bride and groom. From the descent down the long drive to the castle itself. The options for wedding photography are seemingly endless. In the summer months the grounds are perfect for photos. Peckforton Castle doesn’t disappoint for winter weddings either. The dramatic architecture continues to dazzle inside of the property. A favourite spot is by the large stained glass windows which are up lit with purple lighting.

Fairytale weddings at Peckforton Castle 

Peckforton Castle is like something out of a fairytale. For couples who want to feel like royalty for the day, this is the place to be. Wedding photography at Peckforton Castle ties all that grandeur and whimsy into memories that can be looked back on for generations to come. The captivating architecture delights all that come to visit the property. If you’re recently engaged and planning a high end Peckforton Castle wedding, take a look at our lost of recommended luxury suppliers in Manchester. The coordinators at Peckforton Castle are experienced in all kinds of weddings. One of the alternative options available on the day is wedding bird flying. Couples can have a bird of prey fly around the venue to dazzle guests. Or even a trained owl to deliver your wedding rings during the ceremony. Luxury service here goes above and beyond.

Historical building

Peckforton Castle is medieval in design and was completed in 1851. Steeped in history and lovingly looked after, this proud family venue is a fabulous choice for weddings and events. You could not pick a more palatial property. Wedding photographers can also take advantage of the historic interior of the castle. There are many original features such as the red sandstone walls, marble flooring, original fireplaces and vaulted dining rooms. Each room is grander than the last making any wedding incredibly special. The wedding photography standard at Peckforton Castle is incredibly high. It’s the only medieval castle in the country which is still intact. The Castle not only serves as a beautiful wedding venue, but it has also been featured on the silver screen. Used as a backdrop in Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes and even Manchester’s own Coronation Street.

Beautiful images in the Great Hall

The Great Hall at Peckforton is a magnificent room with beautiful original features. Large stain glass windows provide creative lighting for your wedding photographer to work with. Natural light creates interesting colours which makes wonderful wedding pictures. At the castle drinks receptions are usually held on the manicured lawn – weather permitting. This is a wonderful place to take natural photographs of your nearest and dearest enjoying themselves. Many couples will provide lawn games for guests too. Games and entertainment at weddings always make for great natural pictures. When you receive your wedding photographs you won’t realise that your photographer took half of the photos.

Booking Your Wedding Photographer

If you’re getting married at Peckforton Castle and would like an experienced wedding photographer to capture your day then please contact us. We have photographed many weddings at this beautiful venue and would love to share more photos with you! We always advise couples to ask for full galleries when picking their wedding photographer. It’s also a good idea to ask to see photos taken at the time of year your wedding is set. Winter weddings will have shorter days and it’s important to see how your photographer works in these conditions. We have lots of experience photographing weddings at Peckforton throughout the seasons and would be delighted to share more photos with you. You can also keep up to date with our favourite photos by checking out our portfolio.