Wendy and Ben married at the prestigious Peckforton Castle for their beautiful summer wedding. We were delighted to provide the photography for this special occasion. There are few wedding venues which have the magical appeal that Peckforton Castle does. Being one of the most esteemed venues in Cheshire, the day was sure to be spectacular. This wedding was elegant and showcased understated luxury from start to finish. Summer weddings at Peckforton Castle provide the best opportunities for stunning photographs.

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Peckforton Castle wedding Peckforton Castle wedding Red floral

Bridal preparation at the castle

Bridal preparation was held at Peckforton Castle whilst the groom got ready at home. The couple decided upon a second photographer for their wedding. Two photographers can capture the full preparation of both bride and groom. Some of the best moments happen during the morning anticipation.At Shane Webber Photography we love capturing these natural and storytelling moments.

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During bridal preparation Wendy showcased her stunning wedding dress for the first time. The La Sposa design purchased from Mirror Mirror London was a long fishtail gown. Finishing touches with hair and make up were courtesy of Flossy & Leigh. Bridal jewellery was provided by Tiffany and shoes by Jimmy Choo. Soft pink was the colour of choice for the bridesmaids dresses, which were from Dessy. The light and feminine colours were the perfect complement to a Peckforton Castle summer wedding. Whilst the groom and groomsmen opted for smart morning suits from Grieves & Hawkes.

Capturing the reactions of the close friends and family at bridal preparation is such a magical party of the wedding day. Wendy looked beautiful. Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces when she showed them her finished look for the first time was priceless. Bridal preparation is always a wonderful time to photograph truly special moments.

Flossy & Leigh Natural wedding photo Bridal portrait

A stunning ceremony 

At Peckforton Castle the ceremony space is beautiful with stunning original features and high ceilings. Wendy and Ben opted for luxurious flowers from Red Floral to adorn the room. With a huge garland lining the archway and blossom trees, the floral architecture was second to none. The team at Red Floral are the height of luxury flower designers.

Peckforton Castle’s ceremony room is an intimate and beautiful space. Low light helps to create a warm and ambient feel, perfect for the romance of a wedding. However low light is challenging for wedding photographers. Booking an experienced wedding photographer is very important. With experience and skill, professional photographers are able to take stunning ceremony images even in challenging circumstances.

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Outdoor entertainment

After the ceremony, there was a lawn drinks reception. This summers day offered the perfect weather for an outdoor occasion. Guests were serenaded by the fantastic Jennie Sawdon. We love the inclusion of live music during the drinks reception. It’s a great way to get everyone relaxed and having fun! This of course makes for fantastic photos too.

Another fun element was the inclusion of outdoor games. Everyone loves an activity; be it croquet or connect 4. Games are great for all ages and present some fun summer wedding photography opportunities. At Wendy and Ben’s reception Shane was able to photograph group pictures and portraits of the couple whilst the second photographer took natural photos of the guests. For couples who are having a big wedding with lots going on, having two photographers means no moment is missed.

Peckforton Castle documentary wedding photo wedding games picture Peckforton Castle wedding photography Jennie Swandon

Summer wedding photography at Peckforton Castle

Summer wedding photography at Peckforton Castle or any other venue is always about using light to create the best images. Shane’s approach is to use natural light as much as possible. Using soft boxes or large lighting structures is distracting. By using available light, wedding photos are more contemporary and discreet. Shane is always looking for ways to optimise natural light. This approach which will always result in better images than artificial lighting.

Summer wedding photography can often be challenging. Shane positions the newlyweds in the shade. There is a great spot by the bridge at Peckforton Castle for this. Being in the shade avoids any harsh light casts shadows in photos. Just like low light, harsh light can ruin wedding pictures. An experienced photographer will know how to use light to get the best photos in bright summer and dim winter conditions.

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Photographing the speeches

Wendy and Ben’s evening meal was held in one of the grand rooms on offer at Peckforton Castle. Flowers adorned the room along with Red Floral’s signature indoor trees. From the trees hung delicate tea lights which have a soft effect in photos. The venue styling was superb. Candles all around make for stunning photographs of the speeches. At Peckforton Castle the wedding breakfast room is surprisingly light for such an old building. The light and airy space provides a great setting for natural wedding photos.

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Evening music and confetti cannons

After the wedding breakfast was the evening reception. Guests were not short of entertainment with music from Rough Hill. The DJ and lighting was provided by Hipswing Entertainment. Professional lighting was a fantastic touch and it created some really interesting effects for the wedding photos Just by changing the lighting the entire atmosphere of the room is different.

Shane always photographs the first dance as well as the evening party. Starting his career as an event photographer, he loves to put that experience into practice during the party. Capturing everyone having fun is one of the best parts of being a wedding photographer. At Wendy and Ben’s wedding Shane wanted to do something a little different so he brought gold confetti cannons for a final dance-floor shot.

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