A special occasion isn’t quite right without a present or two! Why should a wedding be any different? From a token of appreciation for bridesmaids to something heartfelt for the groom there are quite a few gifts what need to be given. We have a breakdown of who needs a gift and what should you get them!

Mother Of The Bride/Groom

Most couples will illicit the help of their family in planning their wedding. From listening to you moan about the mountain of things on your to do list to helping choose suppliers mums do a lot of helping for the big day. It’s a lovely gesture to present both mother of the bride and groom with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to say thank you!

Father Of The Bride And Groom

Whilst Dads aren’t known for getting involved in the minutiae of planning they are always there to lend a helping hand when needs be. It’s probably an idea to get them something nicer than the customary Christmas pair of socks. A favourite tipple is a good shout for fathers.

mother of the bride gifts

Flower Girls

If you are having little ones in the wedding you can use the gift to thank and entertain them! Weddings are long and children have short attention spans. A toy they have been hankering after is a great way to keep them happy for a few hours!


A gift box for each of your bridesmaids is a lovely idea. There are so many options to put inside from makeup to matching bracelets. It’s also nice to give out your gifts during bridal preparation. For more ideas read our how to get the best bridal preparation photos post.

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The go to gift for groomsmen has to be personalised hip flasks. Useful and stylish nobody will be disappointed with this gift! Esty is great for personalised hand made gifts.

Maid Of Honour

Your maid of honour gift should be thoughtful and special. Why not take her on a spa day just the two of you to say thank you for all the help she has put in to making your day go without a hitch.

matching wedding champagne flutes

Best Man

The best man has one of the most important and daunting jobs of the wedding day – the speech! It’s a lot of work planning what to say and how to deliver it. They are deserving of a little something extra. A bottle of nice whisky or a selection of designer toiletries will let them know you are grateful for their hard work.


Firstly a nice note is always welcome on the morning of the wedding. If you can’t let someone know how much you love them on your wedding day then when else can you! Aside from a heartfelt card a gift is going to make the day even more special. Get him something he has wanted but didn’t want to spurge on, maybe a nice watch or wallet.

wedding watch gift


Of course the most important gift will be for the bride! It’s her special day and she deserves it. Now is not the time to conserve the budget! Jewellery is a fine choice, nothing says wedding day quite like a Cartier love bracelet!

Whatever you choose to gift to your loved ones on your wedding day they will be delighted you have made the effort. So much support and help is given in the lead up to the wedding. Making sure to show your gratitude to everyone involved is key.

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