When you mention the word etiquette some people turn off immediately. Thoughts are drawn to stuffy aristocrats turning their nose up at the wrong glass being used. However codes etiquette have been drawn up for very practical reasons – making sure everyone knows the score to limit any embarrassment. When it comes to wedding invitations following a few simple customs will make your guests feel at ease. Not to mention saving a guest from turning up in completely the wrong attire or to the wrong place.

wedding etiquette

Save the date

First things first, send a save the date. A text or Facebook message will not do. When you send these is key. If you are getting married abroad or on a particularly popular date send them nine months prior. If you want people to come to your wedding we don’t advise sending save the dates less than six months before. Everyone is busy. If you expect attendance you need to respect guests schedules.

The Invite

A formal invitation is a must – this is not the place to cut corners. Either personally hand over or post the invitation. Invitations are a great way to showcase your individual wedding style and get everyone excited for the big day. There is a lot more room to write what you want on an invite. The days of prescribed wording are no more. As long as the main points are covered a bit of creativity is welcomed. Pinterest is a fantastic place to get inspiration for your wedding invitation design.

wedding invitations

What To Include

There are a few key bits of information guests will need to know. The ceremony location, the reception location, when they are expected to be there and the dress code. Dress code is crucial to mention. If none is mentioned gentlemen should assume morning suits. But if tails aren’t your thing then make sure to let everyone know. Etiquette around dress codes are there to ensure nobody feels uncomfortable at the event.

Plus One?

Guests should not assume their invitation is plus one unless stated. If an RSVP comes back with an extra name a follow up conversation will be required. On the whole people are very understanding and know they can’t sneak their partner of two weeks to your special day.

wedding invites

What About Evening Guests?

A separate invitation is required for the evening guests. It would be particularly awkward to have more dinner guests than dinners! This invite just needs to advise time, location and attire. Timing is less important here, we advise around 6 weeks before the big day is ample.

When To Send

Formal wedding invitations should be sent out no less than 8 weeks prior to the wedding. This is very important as guests will need to make arrangements in terms of the dress code, hotels, parking. It also allows plenty of time to hear back from everyone and notice any posting errors.

Don’t Forget…

Bring an invitation along to the wedding for your photographer. Your wedding invites serve as a beautiful background to detail shots of the wedding rings. Using the invitations in this way helps connect the rings to your wedding bringing context to the photo. After spending time and effort making the perfect invite you will want to make the most out of it! Now you have wedding invitation etiquette covered read out tips for getting the best bridal preparation photos.

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