As one of the first suppliers couples book we get asked a lot of questions about what brides should be including in their wedding planning. Something we have been asked a lot is why couples need wedding insurance and is it a necessity. The short answer is yes! All of your suppliers should have insurance of their own but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take out your own policy. Here are some of the reasons you need wedding insurance.

Cancellation Or Postponing

Life happens and sometimes this means putting the wedding off or cancelling it all together. Over the years we have seen a few brides have to make this difficult decision and we know it can be very stressful. All wedding suppliers will take non refundable deposits to secure the booking. If you have paid a deposit and then need to change the date or cancel they do not have to refund you. Often suppliers will if they can book another wedding in for your date but this is not a given. It’s likely that another wedding cannot be booked in and that money is lost. Wedding insurance will give you peace of mind that you can reclaim any funds spent.

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Supplier Issues

Always choose suppliers with a good reputation and a back catalogue of work you can view. For instance, our featured weddings and blog showcases lots of Shane’s recent work. If you choose established companies to work with then you are unlikely to encounter any issues. Wedding insurance will protect you in the unlikely event of a supplier not being able to fulfil their contract to you. The good news is that is a very rare occurrence as the wedding industry is tight knit, if your caterer for instance has to pull out they will be able to find a suitable replacement. Insurance will give you extra peace of mind if this is a concern for you.

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Destination Weddings

For couples getting married abroad wedding insurance should be a priority. There is an increased risk of things going wrong for example delayed flights or lost baggage. With a destination wedding there are more complicated arrangements and more reliance on services. We have all seen airlines going bust at the last second and the chaos that causes. Getting a comprehensive insurance policy will cover you in these circumstances.

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Have You Left It Too Late?

If you are reading this and already part way through the planning don’t worry. Wedding insurance should be one of the first things you go ahead with but you can purchase it later on. Some insurance companies will allow you to take out the policy the day before! We advise getting on it early so you can rest assured you are covered for all eventualities. Lots of additional advice can be found on sites like Money Saving Expert.

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