Your bridesmaids will support you through the endless dress fittings, the 3am tears after a few too many lemonades on your hen do and everything in between. We know just how important it is to pick the right people for the job. We have photographed hundreds of weddings in Manchester and across the North West and have had the pleasure of getting to know some really brilliant bridesmaids along the way. We’ve put together our seven top tips to pick the very best girl gang to support you on your big day.

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“There is a lot that bridesmaids help with on the wedding day. Everything from making sure the train on the dress sits correctly to helping round up guests for group photographs”

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Be Sure Before You Ask

Once you ask someone to be part of your bridal party you can’t rescind the invitation. That would be very bad form. It’s imperative to make sure you aren’t going to have any doubts. Now is probably not the time to ask someone who is a newer friendship. It’s best to stick with people who have been in your life and a long time and you know aren’t going anywhere.

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Decide Their Duties

Some brides are going to want a lot from their bridesmaids. Accompanying them to appointments with suppliers, helping on the day and planning the hen do. There are a lot of things that can come with being a bridesmaid. Se clearly what duties you will expect of your bridesmaids before you ask them. This can help inform who you pick. If some of your friends have very busy lives you can either scale back what you want from them. Or choose someone who will have more time to dedicate to your wedding.

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You don’t have to choose someone who chose you

Just because an old friend asked you to be a bridesmaid doesn’t mean you have to return the favour. It might mean an awkward conversation, but better that than looking at your wedding photographs for years to come and wondering why you asked them. If they ask why they aren’t involved in your wedding, tell the truth. Explain that you felt you should have those people closest to you at the moment by your side on the big day so there were many special people you couldn’t involve. They can still be an esteemed guest at the wedding and take part in fun things like the hen do.

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Throw tradition out of the window

Don’t feel you need to stick with tradition. Your best friend is a man? No worries. Want your mum to be your maid of honour? Go for it! Maid of honour is an incredibly important job and it’s essential you pick someone who you know is up to it. They will be there to hold your hand throughout the most exciting, but also nerve-wracking, days of your life. You want them to be the perfect match. Choose someone you love who you know will make your life easier in the run-up to the big day.

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Think about personalities

Your bride squad doesn’t necessarily need to be the best of friends, but the last thing you want in the run-up to your big day is drama. Personality clashes and conflict are things you will want to avoid. If you can opt for friends and family members who are friendly and can transition well between different groups. Weddings are filled with everyone from your great aunty Beryl to your boss, so a group that can talk to anyone will really help you out.

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Consider your budget

If you have a vision of all your nearest and dearest surrounding you on the big day, you’ll need to think about your wedding budget. The more bridesmaids you have the more dresses, flowers and gifts you may need to buy – and the less you may have to spend on your own gown. Sometimes less really is more.

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Only The Grownups

Don’t feel obliged to have a flower girl or a page boy as part of your wedding party. If you aren’t especially close to any children, you don’t need to have them as part of the wedding party. Of course, if you do have a cute niece, nephew or godchild around, they do make cute wedding photos.

We really hope you’ve enjoyed reading the blog and have picked up some useful tips on selecting your #bridesquad. We specialise in taking natural wedding photographs that really capture those precious moments. Read our tips for getting the best bridal preparation pictures.

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