When you actually think about it throwing paper at newlyweds is a rather bizarre tradition. However confetti throwing began hundreds of years ago in Italy from a tradition which started in festivals. We love a confetti moment but there is a lot that actually goes into getting that amazing wedding photo. Lots of brides are now asking themselves if having confetti at their wedding is for them. Whilst we can’t decide what’s best for your wedding we do have some practical advice to help you decide if you should have confetti at your wedding.

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Is Confetti Allowed?

It might surprise some couples but there can be a lot of things prohibited by either your wedding venue or church. Often what the church permits can differ from vicar to vicar and some are pretty unaccommodating. If a confetti photo is important to you check before booking what their policy is. Some venues don’t allow confetti outside for instance. There may be stipulations in place to make sure your confetti is biodegradable. Luckily there are lots of options from paper to real petals to choose from!

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Who Provides It?

Do not let your guests bring their own confetti if you are looking for continuity with your wedding styling. Not all confetti is created equally and you can be sure that your taste is different to members of your family, particularly the older generation who may be more accustomed to the tradition of rice throwing (a big no-no for birds). Make sure you buy lots of confetti and ask the groomsmen to ensure all guests are given some prior to the photo. We advise not passing out the confetti prior to the ceremony as you don’t want people throwing it at the wrong time and spoiling your photos.

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Beautiful confetti photos are not spontaneous, they are carefully thought out. To make sure the confetti moment looks amazing in photos let your photographer organise it. Once you have left the ceremony space the groomsmen can hand out the confetti. Your wedding photographer can organise everyone and then give you the go ahead.

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When To Throw Confetti

A lot of couples ask us, “When do you throw confetti?”. This depends on a couple of things. Firstly, if you are allowed to have confetti outside. The best time to schedule the throwing of confetti is right after the ceremony. Everyone makes their way outside and as the bride and groom leave the ceremony building they are doused with confetti. However if confetti isn’t permitted outside this can be done as the bride and groom walk down the aisle.

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Leaving The Aisle Confetti

Not everyone can or wants their confetti moment photographed outside. If guests are going to throw confetti when the couple are leaving the ceremony space they need to be prepared. The groomsmen should advise everyone on the end of the aisle that they need to throw the confetti when the newlyweds walk out. As the first people in the church the groomsmen are key to making sure everyone is organised. It’s always an idea to let everyone know their responsibilities ahead of time.

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Throw Upwards Not Sideways

When providing guests with confetti it also helps to give a bit of direction. The best photos are when confetti is thrown upwards, as high as they can. This creates a lovely effect where it cascades down gently. It also helps combat the natural urge to close your eyes and put your head down. Rather than the confetti hurtling towards your face at great speed it will fall gently.

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Get A Cannon

If traditional confetti photos aren’t something you are keen to do there are other ways to get a dramatic photo. Arm guests with a few confetti cannons to let off during the first dance. Some couples don’t want to spend time setting up a confetti photo earlier in the day. The first dance is great for the time has already been allocated. Getting an extra special photo takes no further time or effort on your part. We love this confetti cannon by Ginger Ray, it falls so beautifully!

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Best Confetti For Wedding Photos

Getting the best confetti photo at your wedding starts with choosing the right confetti. Below we have a few different options that will suit every couples wedding day style. We have included a few alternative confetti options for couples who don’t want the standard freeze-dried petals.

Biodegradable Confetti

Champagne Rose Petals

Multi Coloured Petals

Mini Confetti Cannon

Feather & Petal Confetti

Olive Leaf Confetti

• Wedding Bubbles


We hope this helps you decide whether or not you should have confetti at your wedding. If you do decide confetti is for you please make sure to choose 100% biodegradable. Freeze dried petals are a good option which isn’t harmful to the environment. Never throw rice as it can be damaging to wildlife and looks a bit scary! For wedding photography inspiration take a look at Shane’s portfolio.

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