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I was really excited for Claire and Lee’s wedding as it was my first ever Manchester tipi wedding! When I met with them for our consultation meeting prior to the big day I was completely sold on their vision. I was delighted to provide the photography for their tipi wedding in Manchester. I am also very proud to have had this wedding featured in Wedding Ideas Magazine in the September 2015 issue. This is certainly down to the amount of time, effort and love that Claire and Lee packed into every aspect of their wedding. A big shout out must go to the team at Woodland Weddings for planning this wedding.

Bridal preparation at The Park Royal Hotel in Warrington

For the bridal preparation I met Claire and the bridesmaids at The Park Royal Hotel in Warrington. The bride opted for an elegant floor length wedding dress with beautiful detailing. The subtle jewelled headband and gorgeous pink summer flower bouquet brought it all together. The bridesmaid dresses were all full length pale purple, each the same colour but with slightly different styles. Not to leave out a very dapper looking paige boy and cute as a button flower girl.

A beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony at Walton Hall and Gardens

The transportation to the ceremony venue was so cool – they had vintage VW camper vans! The ceremony itself was held at Walton Hall and Gardens with a very risky outdoor ceremony. Claire and Lee’s whole wedding was an outdoor affair with no backup plan for if it rained – however the gamble certainly paid off. Luckily it was beautiful blue skies and sunshine all day which made for a really beautiful ceremony. Lee was certainly excited, punching the air when they were pronounced man and wife. As they strolled down the aisle confetti rained down on them, which is one of my favourite pictures of the day.

A festival themed tipi wedding with hand fasting ceremony at Delamere Forrest in Cheshire

After some afternoon tea & cake at Walton Hall & Gardens, guests made their way to Delamere forrest for the festival themed wedding reception. Set up in the clearing was a huge Tipi, bales of hay in a circle for some outdoor seating. The outdoor area hosted Claire and Lee’s hand fastening ceremony, this was a really unique element I hadn’t seen before. Inside the Tipi there was an abundance of festival themed decoration. Lee and Claire handmade most of their decorations themselves and it really showed their personality and dedication to having the perfect wedding. The tables were set up with hand decorated jars filled with pink summer flowers. Decked with moss and burlap, the settings were in keeping with the outdoor vibe. Guests were offered Pimms out of large glass vats perched on tree stumps, every detail was well thought out and crafted. One of the most well thought out additions was the flip flop selection on offer for weary footed guests!

Once the guests were called to the tables and seated, each table had to do a mini-performance to try and win champagne for their table, there was dancing on chairs, the conga… and one guy even took his shirt off swinging it round his head! Guests were then treated to pizza, festival style from a wood burning oven. After the reception I took a night time photo of Claire and Lee holding hands with the Tipi’s in the background. As they looked back at their wedding, Claire turned to Lee and said “Look what we’ve done!”

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Fun Tipi Wedding Photography

Tipi weddings are really fun to photograph. In and around Manchester there are so many fantastic locations to host your very own. Claire and Lee chose the expansive Delamere Forest, which was a great choice. More and more locations are granted the ability to marry couples onsite. I love tipi weddings as couples can really make them personal with their decorations. A tipi is a blank canvas, your details are what makes them unique to your wedding. This is why Claire and Lee’s festival themed wedding was so amazing. For some more inspiration on outdoor weddings read our marquee wedding photography blog.

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May 15, 2016
Hi, Lee brown suggested I contact you. Our wedding is sat 24 sept 2016, are you available? We like the really informal shots and it's going to be in northwich, cw8 and a tipi reception. Thanks