One thing brides all want on their wedding day is to look their best in pictures. A huge amount of effort is put into the planning: from avoiding pizza in the run up to getting beauty treatments just before. Some brides worry that they aren’t photogenic and their wedding look may not translate well into pictures. Having worked with brides who are very confident having their photo taken and those who are more reluctant we have put together top tips for looking your best in wedding photos.

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Treat yourself

You are only going to do this this once! Now is not the time to guilt yourself out of spending money on looking good. You deserve to feel amazing on your wedding day. If there is a treatment you have been longing for now is the time! Teeth whitening is a great treatment which a lot of brides and grooms opt for in the run up to the big day. If it will make you feel more confident smiling then go for it.

Smile, laugh and be yourself

Nothing is better as a wedding photographer than having an enthusiastic and happy bride. We haven’t come across a bride yet who doesn’t look their best when they smile. A smile lights up a persons face making for amazing photos. Leave the hard face model poses for the magazines.


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Hire professionals

Take the pressure off yourself and get hair and make up professionals in. Sometimes things don’t go right when you do them yourself – you don’t need that stress on the morning of your wedding. Professionals will know how to make sure your make up and hair has staying power too. View our recommended suppliers for professional hair and make up artists in Manchester and the North West.

Forget about your photographer

Don’t worry about being photographed or looking at the camera. Just relax, enjoy your day and forget about the photographer. Forget about your photographer! Natural photographs are always the best. Your wedding photographer is not going to give you photos where you are pulling a weird face, eating or blinking. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself.


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Allow plenty of time

The drinks reception is the busiest time for your wedding photographer. Setting aside plenty of time ensures this part of the day isn’t rushed. When proceedings run late the drinks reception is often cut short and the photography is compromised as a result. By choosing to have your meal start a little later you will get more time for your wedding photography. We recommended between an hour and a half to two hours for the drinks reception. This allows time to take the group photos, natural images of the guests, a few portraits of the couple and photos of the reception room before the meal starts.

Arm position

Now for a quick posing tip. When you have your portraits taken bear in mind this one tip and your photos will be perfect. Don’t press your arms close to your body. Even someone with Michelle Obama’s toned arms will not look their best. Keep your elbows held a few inches from your body. Don’t go too far and have stiff robot arms, just lift a touch away from your body for an elongating effect.

We hope this helps you feel more relaxed about having your picture taken on your wedding day. In our experience brides are a bit nervous before but forget all about it as they are too busy having fun. Don’t just take our word for it, view our client reviews.


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