Planning a wedding is filled with tough decisions. A lot of couples are unsure if they would benefit from having a Toastmaster on the day. Experts in organisation and timing, a professional Toastmaster can help take the stress out of your wedding day and leave you to relax. Many wedding venues in Manchester & Cheshire will recommend that couples use a toastmaster. Especially if you’re having a large wedding. 

So what exactly does a toastmaster do at a wedding? Your Toastmaster will help with everything from ensuring that the venue is ready, greeting and organising your guests for photographs, through to announcing the wedding breakfast and speeches. They will also be on hand to organise the important moments throughout the day, including cutting the cake and the first dance. We spoke to Stefan (The Tall Toastmaster) to find out a bit more about what being a Toastmaster involves and how it could make your wedding day extra special. If you aren’t sure whether you need to hire a Toastmaster for your wedding then this article will answer your questions. Stefan explains the roles and responsibilities of a Toastmaster during a wedding day.

Wedding Toastmaster

Why You Need The Tall Toastmaster

Before we hear from the man himself we wanted to share with you some of the reasons The Tall Toastmaster is a great choice for your wedding. Just like your wedding photographer a Toastmaster is a big part of the day. Couples hiring Stefan for their wedding can be sure he will go the extra mile to make the wedding day flawless. A lot of Toastmasters come included with the venue package and leave around the time of the wedding breakfast. However The Tall Toastmaster stays until the first dance or sometimes later. He is on hand to help coordinate the evening suppliers and deal with anything that arises.

For couples who worry if a Toastmaster is ‘too official’ for their day Stefan has that covered also! He has two outfits which couples can choose from: traditional red Toastmaster attire or a more rustic tweed ensemble. You don’t get this option with other Toastmasters and it means he can fit in with any style of wedding day. Hiring a Toastmaster can benefit your wedding photos too. One of the tasks Stefan takes on during the day is helping to co-ordinate the group pictures. Couples without a Toastmaster have to rely on the photographer and usually a worse for wear groomsman to help rally everyone together. This process runs so much smoother with a Toastmaster to help. It also means your guests can just relax. They get called for a photo when needed and then get back to enjoying themselves. Group photos always go quicker with Stefan on hand and leave more time for natural pictures.

Wedding toastmaster

“We have seen first hand the benefits of hiring a Toastmaster to help with wedding day coordination. So many things go on behind the scenes the couple would never know about because their Toastmaster has made sure the wedding runs smoothly.”

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The Tall Toastmaster

Tell us a little bit about yourself

“I started my career in 2003 as a wedding co-ordinator at a country house hotel in Cheshire. As time went on I moved up the ranks and on to several different Hotels.  I ended my time as operations manager in 2011. This is when I decided to set up The Tall Toastmaster. In my spare time I like to build projects out of wood as a hobby. My wife is a graphic designer, I have a young daughter and a cat called Lulu. My favourite thing about being a Toastmaster is making people happy! Walking away knowing you have done the best you can to make their day fantastic.”

How did you become a Toastmaster?

“Working in the hotel trade I bumped into a lot of Toastmasters at the weddings. I used to manage the annual Christmas luncheon for The Northern Guild Of Toastmasters each year. This got me talking to the guild members and they actually suggested for me to contact them when I would like a change of career. So in 2012 I did. Eight years on I‘m a full member and was recognised as one of the top Toastmasters in the North West winning Best Toastmaster 2019 in the County Brides awards.”

Tell us more about the Guild Of Toastmasters

“I’ve been a member of the Northern Guild Of Toastmasters for seven years. The Guild was formed in Blackpool at the Imperial Hotel in April 1985 and has grown to have 45 qualified members that are all highly respected in the industry. We have several meetings a year with the annual dinner to catch up and help each other! The great thing about being in the Guild is that I’ve learnt so much from the older generation that have the experience of over twenty years. It’s very important to have the support of such a talented group of professional people.  We can recommend each other for weddings we are unable to do and know that the event will be ran to a high standard.”

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What exactly does a Toastmaster do at a wedding?

“Booking a Toastmaster for your wedding means that everything should go like clockwork! Having someone to look after you for most of the day who is independent to the venue has a massive impact. We can resolve problems as we are focused on how the day runs. Plus we also connect with all the other suppliers to work as a team for the bride and groom. At the end of the day if everything goes smoothly then everyone is happy!

A Toastmasters duties include:

• Welcoming guests
• Making sure the groomsmen are dressed and ready
• Co-ordinating with the venue and suppliers
• Looking after the bride and groom throughout the day
• Assisting the photographer with group photos
• Making any necessary announcements
• Announcing the couple into the reception room
• Looking after the top table during the meal
• Introducing the speeches, cake cutting and first dance
• Making the guests feel relaxed
• Solving any problems that might arise on the day

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What are the benefits of hiring a Toastmaster?

“Having a Toastmaster is like having your very own PA! Their role is to make things happen the way the couple have planned it. If anything needs to be changed on the day the Toastmaster can make quick decisions without worrying the bride and groom. When any of the suppliers or team from the venue need help the Toastmaster steps in. We give the newlyweds peace of mind. They have one person overseeing what’s going on so they don’t have to worry about anything apart from enjoying their big day.”

What would be your best piece of advice for couples?

“Book a Toastmaster to take all that stress away! If something goes wrong let it go over your head and let the Toastmaster solve the problem. Do not let little things spoil your big day.”

The Tall Toastmaster

Should I Hire A Toastmaster For My Wedding?

Here at Shane Webber Photography we think that a Toastmaster is an excellent investment. With an extra helping hand from your Toastmaster you can really relax and let the professional take care of everything. Your wedding day should be completely stress-free! We recommend hiring a Toastmaster for your wedding, with the exception of if you are having a small wedding. Intimate weddings can run smoothly without a toastmaster as there are less guests and most of which will be family. Relaxed venues such as Didsbury House Hotel are small and therefore a Toastmaster wouldn’t be needed to organise guests. But for the majority of Cheshire weddings venues, such as Peckforton Castle or Colshaw Hall, a Toastmaster is almost essential to ensuring the day runs smoothly! 

How Much Does A Toastmaster Cost?

Having a Toastmaster at your wedding is a really good investment. A lot of time and energy goes into your wedding day. Anything that gives you more time to enjoy yourself on the day is money well spent. A Toastmaster will cost between £400-£650 depending on your requirements. Prices for a Toastmaster can also vary depending on location. We really recommend setting aside some of the wedding budget to hire a Toastmaster for your day. To find out more about Stefan’s services visit his website at The Tall Toastmaster and follow him on Instagram. Brides and grooms can find more amazing wedding suppliers in Cheshire and Manchester on our recommended supplier list. We have curated the very best to help create your dream wedding!

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October 10, 2023
Hi, can I ask if part of the role as toastmaster would include giving a speech about the bride & groom, this is due to us not having any parents to do a speech. Thanks Vicki
    October 27, 2023
    It's not usual for the toastmaster to give a speech. They are more there during the speeches as a MC, announcing the couple into the wedding breakfast and announcing the speakers. It might be a nice idea to have close friend do a speech for you :)