One thing that couples ask us a lot is what photos should you take on the day. This depends on a few factors: style of photography, time and inclination. Typical set photographs include, signing of the register, group photos of bridal party, couples portraits and cutting the cake.

Different styles of wedding photography

At Shane Webber Photography we specialise in natural wedding photography. As a result, Shane is relaxed and lets the day flow naturally. Different photographers have different styles for example, traditional photographers will follow a more rigid structure of set pictures. For more detailed information on styles take a look at our wedding photography styles explained post.

On the day Shane will take some posed photos, but the majority will be taken naturally. We suggest couples have group photos of the bridal party and close family members. Providing Shane with a list of everyone you want a posed photo with is helpful. Not sure who to include? Don’t worry – we have an wedding photography checklist to help out. Parts of the day which tell the story, such as the speeches and first dance will always be captured – there is no need to include in your list.

When it comes to other set photos like the cake cut, it’s completely up to the couple what they want captured. Shane’s approach on the day is very fluid. If you decide you don’t want to have that photo there won’t be any pressure to do so. The day is all about having fun!


Taking photographs takes time out of the day. The worst culprits for taking time are the group photos. We advise being organised to keep the time down. A helpful tip is to get someone confident and preferably loud to help round people up. Guests are excited and can bit a bit unruly, a helping hand will keep things short. This will give you more time to enjoy the day.


You may have thought of a million and one photos of you and your partner but when it comes to the day you just want to relax. It’s your wedding day and the photographer takes the lead from you. If you only want to spare 15 minutes that is totally fine. As long as you have the best day that is all that matters. Your photographer will be snapping away all the lovely natural moments.

Photography Checklist

We hope this post helps you understand your wedding photography is completely about you. There is nothing set in stone you have to do. In choosing a great wedding photographer you will get a flexible and unobtrusive service, you are free to make whatever decisions are right for you and your day. A wedding photography checklist is just a guideline to make the process smooth and easy for couples.

For more information on Shane’s photography read our style page.

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